Newly referred for ICSI

Been ttc for 1yr. DH has low sperm count and motility. We're trying to improve our chances of conceiving naturally by improving sperm quality with vitamins but preparing ourselves for ICSI in the next few months.

The more I learn about the process the more nervous I feel! I always imagined we'd adopt instead if we had problems but when we got the news, realised my longing to be pregnant is so strong I'm prepared to do whatever it takes.

So, here goes...

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  • I was so scared and worried about going through IVF but it's honestly not too bad.

    The emotional and mental side is by far the worst parts. And the two week wait is absolute torture. However all worth if when you get a BFP which I'm praying for with my next cycle.

    Sending you lots of luck 🍀 xxx

  • Thanks for the reassurance Amanda! Sending you loads of luck for a bfp with your next cycle xxx

  • Thank you so much 😊 xxx

  • Wishing you all the best Amanda, hopefully it Will be good news

  • Thank you so much sanj76.

    Hope you and your wife are keeping well. Xxx

  • Hey Amanda.... we're doing well. There was a tad of delay with the IVC but all back on track now. She had a pylop removed last week, but the consultant suggested that there's no reason to delay, so she'll start the 2nd stage of meds, with the view of doing ET in Kate Jan, so fingers crossed.

  • I'm glad you're back on track now. It's a roller-coaster journey. Wishing you and your wife the best of luck with treatment. Xxx

  • Hi Emily.... glad to have you join this group. Me & the wife are going through our ICSI journey ATM. It's a long road ahead but hopefully it will be worth it. We almost at the end of the process then it's up to Mother Nature to bless us ( we managed to retrieve 7 eggs.....4 fertilised into beustoful embies), with a slight delay as the wife had to get a pylop removed, but we're back on track now and should get the ET down Kate January.

    Plenty of tests and scans along the way. I wish you and the hubby all the best.

  • Thanks Sanj, glad you're back on track and wishing you all the best for a good result! Yes, long road ahead, but it's nice to not feel too alone in the process with so many people on the same journey 😊

  • We'll support you all the way fir sure. Thank you kindly Emily

  • Hello we have starts our injections for icsi this week. I'm not going to lie its not pleasant but if you numb the area with a bit ice it really helps and they are over quick. Hope it goes well for you.

  • Thanks Bumpylumpy (great name!) Are the injections in the belly? Once a day? Gulp...

  • thanks its how my legs feel. We are injecting once a day in the thighs. Are you going to be doing the injections?

  • Ouch, sounds painful! All I know at this stage is that we're being referred to the clinic for icsi. Waiting for our first appointment there. But yes, the gynaecologist did mention injections so we'll see...

  • Welcome to the group :)

    We're due to start our first round of ICSI in Jan, hubby also has low sperm count. We were first referred in May so there have been some ups and downs along the way but I'm now very excited to be starting soon. Very nervous about the injections (which are sitting in the fridge!) but I'm telling myself that will be the easy part that we're in control of so just need to own it and be strong! The waiting will be the hard part 😬

    This group is very helpful to know that all the questions you have are completely normal, as are the emotional ups and downs and everyone's got kind words to pick you up when you have a wobble 🙂

    All best wishes for your journey ahead x

  • Just thought I'd help put your mind at rest. I did the injections in my belly & found that I could barely feel them. Obviously the first time you are going to be terrified, it's only natural but after the first time you will have no hesitation at all 😊 Lots of luck!! Xx

  • That's really reassuring to hear, thanks Star. Good luck to you too! X

  • Thanks for your reply Busybee! I'm glad to be part of such a supportive group. It's so reassuring to know others are going through the same thing.

    So have you started your injections? How are you feeling? Wising you all the best! xx

  • Hi Emily-Anna,

    I'll be starting mid-Jan depending how predictable my cycle plans to be (which usually isn't very!)

    I hope 2017 brings what we're all hoping for and that despite the many challenges that will come I hope you and your partner look after each other and keep strong xXx

  • at first i thought that iui would be enough but then I have read the statistics and they weren't that promising. so we were offered to go for ivf and we did. to be honest as we are living for now in France we didn't have any chance of having this tx done there because it is ivf on donor's eggs and they have some legal issues with this. so I wasn't too happy about the news, we went abroad for our first cycle and it was a total failure. nothing worked out. my hormones and stuff are at their lowest even though i am only 40. but i guess nature has its own plans.

    or now we are looking for another clinic, where we can at least see who our donor is and how she looks like.

    Good luck!!

    Ps my hubby has no issues in this department, it is all my fault that we can’t have kids…

  • Sorry to hear about your difficulties so far Christie. I hope you find a good clinic soon. Wishing you the best of luck.

  • thank you for your support it means a lot to me honestly

    I just found some options abroad and I think today and tomorrow i am going to be sending the emails to all of the clinics i found suitable for us. to be quite honest i am a bit worried that i am going to sign with the clinic where the price isn't that high because to be truthful i do not have enough money to afford it in Us for example..

    best wishes!

  • sorry to interrupt your conversation

    but i think that it is completely fine to find the clinic that is not that expensive as other clinics

    i dont think that the amount of money you will be paying for the treatment corresponds with the quality of it

    like for example you just have to look at the economic situation of the country where you are about to have the tx because it does influence the situation too.

  • Havent been to this clinic yet but u have seen some photos on the internet and also the vids of their works. Loos greag honestly. But what about thir other buildings like where do they put their clients when they come to Kiev for the first time ever? What if those hotel rooms are hideous.

    I would want to know and maybe have a right to choose..

  • haha well they are all fine and it honestly depends on the contract you choose but nevertheless you will be provided with nice accommodation and transport so there is no time for worries.

    and you can choose, but if you hate all options, you can get a hotel room in any hotel you want but you will have to pay for it.

  • Sorry to hear about your difficulties but please don't see it as your fault. Even though our problems come from my husband's sperm count it could never be his fault and I'm sure it's not yours either. All best wishes for 2017 x

  • thank you and for you too

    i hope that next year will be great (at least just better than 2016 because it is the worst....)

    i know i understand it but if not for me i suppose that my husband would be very happy already having kids with some another woman...


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