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Any hope with extremely thin lining?


I’ve just returned from a Hysterscopy after my ivf was freeze all due to thin lining. They wanted to rule out any issues and it did not find any scarring etc however the doctor was very shocked at how thin and ‘pale’ my lining is at cycle day 12. He has advised a dummy run cycle before going ahead with FET but then started talking about surrogacy which has completely devastated me. My lining has never been above 6mm and I have tried acupuncture, vit e, l’argene, beetroot juice and no luck. Anyone been in this position?

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Hello dear. What are your numbers? How thin is it? Did your doctor recommend you anything to make it better? I know that it should be at least 7mm so they could conduct the transfer. My lining was 8mm and the attempt had a positive result, though not for long((

It usually stops at 6mm but they did do the transfer on that first round x

Yes, I understand that, but what did they do to make it better this time? Did they increase your dosages or give some other meds to you? If they knew that this might happen they should change something in your protocol.

They have me extra Estrogen from trigger day but it didn’t increase by much. I’m hoping that they will now look into this on the dummy run they will look at doing x

I hope it will work out for you. When is your next test? How much time did they tell you to wait?

I think I just have to contact my fertility clinic now to see what next step is, hopefully the trial run can be soon. Wish you lots of luck too.. are you doing anything different on your next round? X

Well, yes. I will do extremely new for me). I had ICSI cycles and as far as I am not able to carry a baby by myself, I will proceed to surrogacy. I'm flying to Ukraine next week to switch contracts and start my new, this time, surrogacy program. I truly believe that this time it will work out for me and my hubby.

I will have everything crossed for you. Xx

I suffered with thin lining and had many planned transfers cancelled because of it. I flew to a clinic in athens and had a hystocopy and deep implantation cuts done (not something the uk do) then flew back and went ahead with my transfer back in the uk. My lining never responded well to a medicated cycle, so went natural and added progynova at day 6 or 8 and did 3 a day, by the time transfer my lining was 8mm and from that cycle i'm currently just over 35wks!! Please look through all my previous posts for more detail as all the info you would need is on there. Sending lots of luck, I know how frustrating lining issues can be xx


I'm no expert as I haven't had this issue but can your clinic provide you with vagifem it thickens your lining ?

Best Wishes Xx

I’m going to ask them about this along with a whole list of others... I’ve worked hard to get 4 good quality embryos I’m not ready to give up yet x

4 is an amazing number and you will get them back, I take vagifem twice daily and I've had no side effects from it, I think they just gave me it as a precaution.

Best of luck Xx

Got to admit I’ve never heard of it, did you take it during ivf cycle or all the time to see if it thickens?

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