3rd day of bleeding

I started bleeding on Sunday but it was brown and I wasn't too worried. But now it's just like a period and was cramping bad enough to take paracetamol last night. Seems a bit lighter this morning but will not get confirmation the pregnancy has ended till Friday after bloods. I know deep down that it's gone and I'm clinging on to a tiny bit of hope. Anyone out there in the same situation?

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  • Hi just wanted to say I hope your okay this journey isn't easy I have found this 2ww the hardest, it's always good to have hope like u said, bleeding doesn't mean anything it's actually better to have some bleeding as it shows something is happening I'm in a similar situation to u I'm due to test on Saturday I've had a little bit of spotting on day 3 and 5 nothing else but all my tests have been negative, so my guess is I'm not pregnant I always have cramping but I've noticed they get worse as my pessaries wear off so I think ther confusing my body, I'm not testing again now until Saturday as it's been to hurtful what day did u have embyro transfer day 3 or 5 xxxx

  • I had a 5 day transfer. I just can't think about anything else I just want to know and Friday seems so far like your wait till Saturday I suppose. Thanks for your reply.

  • Considering it started on Sunday it could be far to early for a period it might just be the embyro causing loads of havock down there,

    If your saying u started bleeding on Sunday but now it's calming down that would be a very short period are you taking pessaries xxxx

  • Yes I think the pessaries are making the bleed light. I would have been 5 weeks pregnant when the bleeding started and it started on the day that should've been my period. I wonder if that had anything to do with it.

  • I always get confused with the dates how would u be 5 weeks pregnant I want to know how far I would be lol and yes the pessaries can effect a lot like I said I've found my cramping subsides when I use one of them so I think there just confusing me body xxxx

  • Me too. You count your pregnancy from the first day of your last period which kind of gives you 2 extra weeks

  • Ahhhh that's why I'm confused lol I was on prostap since august so I havnt had a period since then and with it being a fresh cycle it confuses me lol, all I know is I had a 5dt and I havnt had a period side august so I'm not looki forward to getting this period if it's negative it's going to be a killer I have endo as we'll xxxx

  • Keeping my fingers crossed for you Abbie xxx

  • Same for u xxxx ❀️

  • I hope everything will be fine for you Drinathan on friday , FC for you xx

  • Bleeding around the time your period is due is very common. I had this when I naturally conceived twins. I only found out I was pg 3 weeks later as I had obvious symptoms. Don't give up hope, there's only 1 more day to go and we are all here for you.

    With the dates situation, the easiest thing to remember [if using your own eggs] is that you are technically 2 weeks pg on the day they collect the eggs. Confused? You bet xx

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