Bleeding again :(

Hi everyone as some of you may know I had my 8 week scan this Tuesday just gone and they found both our embryos attached. One was about a week behind and we are waiting for an appointment at the EPU. I've been taking it easy (obviously had to go to work but it's a desk job so not too bad). I have had nausea and tiredness all week. I slept in til 11 today and felt a bit woozy but otherwise fine. I literally got up to go get a drink and felt something in my pants, went to the loo and had a splurge of bright red blood :( it's only just happened and it wasn't a gush or anything but it just scared me. And the clinic is closed weekends. I don't want to lose either of them I feel like a child saying this but it's not fair, it's taken is so long to get this far why does it always have to go to crap :(

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  • I so totally know what you mean-im so sorry! Don't give up hope yet though as you don't know anything for sure yet. I've also had what you've described once before I had the first scan which showed everything was fine-I've since had it again and am like you waiting on the epu to find out what's going on. I did contemplate paying for a scan at Baby bond and did call them this morning to see if they had space and they did both today and tomorrow but I've decided to wait until my one at the epu. I hope your ok-I know you won't be completely as you just worry which I totally get. Sending hugs xxxx

  • Thank you. It's horrid isn't it? We've come this far and it's still so much drama. It was just the one spurge and only there when I wipe now, no more in my panties so hoping it's just one of those things. Going to take it easy this weekend, then ring clinic first thing Monday and tell them. Hopefully it will give them a prod with my EPU appointment too :( good luck to you too Hun all things crossed for you. Sounds like we're about the same boat xx

  • Totally agree-I was saying the exact Same thing to my husband. Things are never straight forward. Fingers crossed all goes well xxxx

  • Oh Kitty, you really are going through it, I'm sorry. I'm at the same stage as you, although only with one, and I had my first midwife appointment last week. I asked her what I should or shouldn't be worried about and she said not to worry unless there is significant bleeding with excessive pain on one side, so it sounds like you're OK to me. She did give me some numbers though that I could call at any time to speak to a midwife if I needed to put my mind at rest about anything. Are you with a midwife yet? Perhaps get registered and then at least you will have someone to call if you need reassurance.

    Good luck, I hope it's all OK and you can manage to relax a little bit this weekend. Xxx

  • Hiya. I had some very mild cramping in the middle but like, if there had been no blood I would think have even paid attention to it. And the bleeding was just one spurge and has stopped now, only there when I wipe so hopefully it's ok :(.

    Not with a midwife yet, I'm still with my clinic until 12 weeks but clinic said to let my GP know so they can arrange me with a midwife. Still waiting for the day of my EPu appointment for the littler baby too. I'll ring my GP first thing Monday too so at least I can get the ball rolling. Thank you my dear I hope you're right and it's just a bit of spotting and not anything bad xxx

  • That sounds promising hun. From what I've read and been told, if it was bad, the bleeding would be continuously heavy and the cramping doesn't sound anything too severe.

    I called my GP as soon as I knew I was pregnant and even had my midwife appointment before I was discharged from my clinic. When I was going through my chemical pregnancy with my first round of IVF, my clinic were next to useless, while the doctors at my GP surgery were amazing, so I wanted to register the pregnancy with them ASAP so I could go to them if there were any issues. I don't think there are any rules about being with a midwife before you are discharged from your clinic and I'm so glad I did because my midwife is really lovely and seems so much more in tune with my concerns and worries than most (not all) of the nurses at the clinic were, so I would definitely recommend getting to see one as soon as you can. Xxx

  • Yeah I must admit my clinic aren't looking after me very well since the scan, still don't have a date for my EPU appointment they were meant to arrange. I'll ring the GP Monday and hopefully get myself in with my midwife asap. Thanks for your advice Hun :)

  • When I was going through my miscarriage with my chemical pregnancy, I went to see my GP and she called the EPU there and then, right in front of me. They wouldn't see me because it was too early, but she really did do everything she possibly could to help me and was so caring. I don't think it's that the clinics mean to be rubbish, but I do think they become desensitised because they deal with ladies like us all day, every day. I hope that you've managed to relax this weekend and that you can put your mind at rest once and for all on Monday. Good luck hun, I'll be thinking of you. Xx

  • Oh no Hun I know is easy to say then done but try stay positive and ring clinic early Monday morning ...unless they got some emergency number u can call ? Try not to stress and relax . Sending hugs Hun πŸ€Xxx

  • I do have an emergency number for the clinic but I know exactly which nurse is on call for it and it sounds petty but she messed me about so much on our last cycle I don't want to speak to her. The bleeding has stopped, just a spurge I guess and now only there when I wipe so going to have sofa/bed rest this weekend and call first thing Monday. Thank you Olivia I will try to stay positive. I do always assume the worst I'm my own worst enemy xxx

  • We always do Hun . That the best thing to do just keep your feet warm drink lots of water , lay down on sofa watch some nice films and don't do anything no house work β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜ƒ It may sound silly Hun but when I was on my 2ww and was moments I felt that maybe didn't work not having symptoms I rub my stomach saying mummy need u and love u very much☺️ ☺️ Please keep us updating Hun πŸ€πŸ€πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘Ά

  • Hi if ur bleeding I would go into a&e they were great with me if epu is closed like it was when I went in I a&e contacted gynaecology and got someone to come down and c me she examined me and she said she get me booked In for a emergency scan next day which when they gave me a scan the embro had implanted low Down I was 7 weeks 5 days but bleeding should be taking seriously exspecialy if it's bright red wish u best of luck and hope the babies are ok xx

  • Thinking of you kittyK! Fingers crossed all is ok. Sounds like good advice above. Just wanted to end a big hug. Let us know how you get on! X

  • I have had 2 bleeds during my pregnancy,both times it was bright red, but everything was fine and I'm now 30 weeks pregnant, so I know it's not easy but try not to stress. Xx

  • I'm sorry to hear this keep hope and I knew a lady she had 2 attached and one was a bit behind and she bleed and did loose one but carried on her pregnancy with one of the embryos and now has a healthy little boy. Keep positive and I do hope all is ok xx

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