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Hi all, congrats to those who have received good news this year and good luck to those of us who a still trying.

We failed our first IVF attempt last month and so far we have not heard anything about a second attempt although when we saw the consultant he did not seem like there was an option for us to try again on the NHS.

I wanted to ask about appealing against a decision to not let us try again and how successful the appeal tends to be. Does anyone have any experience with appealing?

Many thanks

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Sorry to hear your news, I appealed a decision not to let us have an attempt in the NHS and they came back with some crap...

But that was me you may be lucky.



They are supposed to tell you how many cycles you are allowed on the NHS before you begin. Each area varies. In Glasgow it was 2 cycles before you turn 40. If you got any frozen embryos they were still considered part of one cycle, so you would get FETs within the one cycle. Did you get any frozen?

Your guidelines literature should also outline the criteria for your NHS. If you are within the guidelines then definitely appeal, but as this may take a while you might be best looking into prices and stats for going private. I could have appealed/complained further when they delayed my first cycle but decided I would be better off going private and trying not to stress out.

Best of luck with it all, xxx


We should be entitled to three attempts but because of my results, we were told that if it did not work the first time then it probably won't work at all for us.

I just thought they we would be contacted to definitely let us know that we won't be having another attempt on the NHS


Hi Pchin... and what exactly are they basing this 'probably' on? What utter nonsense. The majority of couples frail on the first cycle, and each case is individual. I would look into going private, depending on how you feel. We could have appealed, but didn't bother as the stress was just not worth it. We weren't offered one funded cycle. Of course, they didn't tell us that until six months into exploratory procedures... we didn't have time to waste... All the very best of luck, and do prepare yourself for a fall. Look into private treatment in any case, so that you have a back-up plan and are able to move quickly if it's a 'no'. H. :)


Hello, you might want to have a look at our website, we have template letters you can use to appeal - infertilitynetworkuk.com/nh...

If you have any further questions, please give us a call on 01424 732361. Best of luck with your appeal.


Hello Pchin3112 , I am sorry. Just want to say stay positive and send you my hugs


hello did you appeal work as i have seen that you have started the process again :-) x


Hi Lauren, I was about the appeal but my research nurse somehow managed to convince the hospital to let me try again so I was given a very unique protocol how it doesn't look like it has worked this time either.

I don't think they let us try again so we're thinking of this time using a donor :) xx


i hope it works for you, please let us know how you get on x


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