Here we go again . . . 🙏

I started my Northisterone today which I will take until mid March to regulate when I bleed and I have an endometrial scratch booked in for the 9th. 😱 I'm not looking forward to that!

This will be our third attempt and we are adding new treatments to our plan to try to up the odds. I'm praying that this time comes good for us and we get our BFP that we dream of every day. Thinking of all of you ladies through the ups and downs. Big hugs to you all xxx

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  • Wishing you lots of luck and hope it's 3rd time lucky . ( what is edo scratch? X

  • Thanks Aimaim, here's hoping 3rd time is lucky for us. It's getting expensive now 😢. An endo scratch is where they scratch the womb to make it easier for implantation. It has been proven to increase implantation rates so hoping this, plus the other techniques/treatments we are adding work for us.

    How are you getting on? When's you EC? Xx

  • Are you having Accupuncture ? May help you relax?

    I start inj Wednesday and have first scan and was told egg col would be the 14th March. I have scans booked for 7th 9th & 11th so I guess if all ok my e/c date will stay the same.


  • Im undecided about the Acupuncture, i had it last time and it didn't work so am in two minds whether its just more money i'm throwing away.

    Great youre doing really well, and youre nearly there, hang on in there. I wish you all the luck with your cycle xx

  • Good luck xxx

  • When will your EC be hon? I am starting buserelin to down reg from 7 March, EC provisionally 13 April x

  • I start my Gonal F on day 1 of my cycle this time round, we are starting earlier to give my smaller ones a better chance of catching up, which should be about 18th March with EC 1st April.

    Wishing you all the luck in the world for your cycle xx

  • Hi Hannah, good luck with round 2. In case you're not double your intake of folic acid & start taking Ubiquinol (CoQ10). I've also read taking 1-3mg of melatonin just before bed while stimming increases egg quality. Good luck x

  • Thanks poochi, this will be my third round so really hoping that this time is our time. I'm already taking folic acid, Vit D, and CoQ10. Haven't heard of taking melatonin, do you know what it does?

    Thanks sweetie xxx

  • Sorry to hear you're on round 3.

    Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant that directly neutralises free radicals. It is found naturally in ovaries but declines with age leading to reduced egg quality. It's been shown to increase egg quality by 65% for IVF cycles. Take a maximum of 3mg if your eggs haven't been the beat quality or if they've been average taken 1-2mg but only once you've started the IVF drugs. Good luck x

  • Just wanted to wish you all the best!!x

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