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Can AF come when your taking Gestone injections?

Hi Ladies. I am 10dp2dt. I really believe it has not worked. I did a test yesterday , a bit too early I know and it was negative . I really feel my AF is about to arrive as I have all

The similar symptoms but I have just realised that maybe the Gestone Injections prevent a period until you stop taking them? It's my first time on Gestone injections . My OTD date is 9th Dec so I presume until that day I keep taking them regardless of the HPT. On my previous cycles I have been on cyclogest and on the last round the period came 9dp3dt. I would just rather the period start so I can get it over with as it was horrendous the last time and I had to go to A &E . Thanks

Wishing everyone on current cycles all the very Best of Luck. It's not easy!! 😘😘xx

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Hi fitzmsa you have tested far too early if you did a 2 day transfer, there is a good reason why they give you an OTD! Period cramps are also very normal during the 2WW. You must not stop your progesterone injections or any other meds they have told you to take. Yes the gestone may stop AF but so could an implanted embryo so it's not over till the fat lady sings.

Good luck Hun


Thanks Missmmc for your response . Yes I totally agree day 9 was too early to test . I Have a little show of red blood today . Anyway I will wait until OTD as you say and see what happens then . Thanks X


It's far too early my dear


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