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Dreams can come true

I really never thought I'd be able to post one of these messages but dreams really do come true.

After 2 years of trying naturally, finding out I have severe endometriosis, 4 laparoscopies, 2 other smaller procedures, 3 failed goes on the NHS, I finally got my positive result on my first go at our private clinic.

Good luck to everyone going through this, I have everything crossed for you and thank you to everyone that has helped me on here, even if it's just by reading your posts- it all really helped. As much as our loved ones try no body but us truly knows how this feels so thank you again


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Such great news and a wonderful start to the new year.... May I wish you all the best in the future with your buddle of joy


Congratulations to you, it's a perfect gift for the beginning of this year. I had the x-Ray last month and found endometriosis but don't know what stage. I'll see the consultant at 2nd time next week which is NHS. I'm now 38. I hope everything will be fine . Your story give me hope , thanks for sharing xx


Congratulations x x


Fantastic news. Delighted for you, the journey is painful but the result is worth it. Congratulations xx


Wonderful news! Congratulations and I wish you a happy and carefree pregnancy X


Absolutely over the moon for you Bobenhams3 😘 Brilliant start to 2016 x x


Congratulations. Wishing you all the best x


That's great news! Congrats!


Our congrats, Boben! Great news!

May you and your baby be healthy and happy! I'm looking forward typing the same post one day.. We're facing luteal phase defect, so natural conceiving became only the dream for our family. People here say this is not a big deal. We are to add some progesterone, that's it. But suppose this is not the only reason. We've already tried prescribed fertility drugs but no use. I do know we should make a thorough diagnostics somewhere else. Not for I doubt our previous docs. That's just to make sure only this diagnosis exists.

By the winter holidays we've been pretty tired. But we're still far from all that you had to go through. I'm proud of your family. You're a model to follow for couples like we are. Great thanks for you post! Believe it hightens everybody's mood.

Will be thankful for the advice as for the clinics you were in)

Wish you and your tiny all the best in the world!


Thank you everyone x

Just can't believe it and also the difference in treatment we received, it's just amazing how different each clinic work. I have absolutely everything crossed for all of you, it's a crazy journey but I know we are all strong enough to get through it.



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