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Sperm donor

Just after some advice really from people who have used donor sperm. We have just had a failed IVF ICSI cycle, my husband has a very low count with minimal mobility. We got some feedback from the embryologist and basically the sperm is no good and that's most likely why the cycle failed. We need to be realistic as we are paying private. Has anyone had any experience using donor sperm, was it successful? What was the counselling like? Etc.

Thank you x

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We used an egg donor for our 3rd go of ICSI. Unfortunately ET had to be abandoned and we're starting FET this month.

We had a session with the counsellor to check we would explain to the child/ren that we'd had help from doctors and a kind lady.

Taking the decision to use a donor was hard but hopefully will give us a better chance of success.

You might want to look at the donor conception website, it answered a lot of my questions about bonding with the baby/babies.


Thank you for replying, do you remember how many counselling sessions you had x


Just the one, we had already discussed the issues ourselves. She showed us examples of stories people had written to share with their child/ren, but I'd already got the story written in my head. Just need that BFP!


I'm using donor sperm on a IUI cycle, as I am doing my treatment on my own. I had 3 sessions of counselling, 1 was compulsory but as I was on my own the counsellor wanted me to have a few more sessions.

Some people benefit from counselling, others don't so I guess that's down to personal choice but I would of thought your clinic would want you to have at least 1 session.

My 1st cycle try failed and I'm just about to go for my next. I think like any of the treatments whether that's IUI or IVF it comes down to the same reasons, some it works for and some it doesn't. With IUI they filter the good sperm from the sluggish ones so it's top quality.

Hope that helps x


Thank you, it seems so up in the air at the moment. Would my first try be IUI or would they do IVF? There isn't any problems with me x


Well with me, because all my tests came back clear, they offered IUI which I think is pretty standard and for people when the IUI doesn't work they then can go on to IVF. So you may be the same, I would check with your clinic though.

I know there is a lot to having treatment, time, cost and emotions.

Let me know how you get on x


Thank you for your help x

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Any time and all the best x


Dear You can try for ICSI > Pls check the details on the wed


Pls try ICSI


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