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Ivf waiting list nervous wreak that it doesn't work 😞

Am currently on the ivf list for the gri but finding I can't sleep with the constant worrying it doesn't work and what will I do if that's the case,I suffer depression and get stressed quite easy which won't help my chances ,decided to try reflexology and acupuncture to get my mind set but find myself crying that this is the only way and it might not work.

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Sorry to hear you're feeling so stressed. I think when you've been trying for such a long time to have a baby it's difficult to believe that it will happen. I really felt like it was never going to happen for us but it did, so try to keep confident.

I'm sorry to see from your profile that you had an etopic pregnancy. This must have been awful especially when it's resulted in IVF now being your only option. But, looking at the positives the fact you were able to fall pregnant naturally hopefully means you have good quality eggs and sperm on your side - a big advantage!

I went for acupuncture during IVF and it did help me to relax and I started tai chi which really helped me to sleep but the best thing I did was see a counsellor. She really helped me process my feelings and I felt much calmer and more relaxed after my sessions with her. She's Glasgow based do if you would like her details let me know and I can message you.

Good luck 🍀

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Thanks so much for your reply ,am just a constant worrier,my partner is really supportive even takes the prenatal vitamins that the Doctor adviced me to start but still it doesn't help ,even friends they will never understand.i have booked to get some reflexology and acupuncture done anything that will help right ,also that would be great if you could give me her details it might be just what I need xx


I just sent you a message!

I found friends and family can really struggle to understand what you're going through. They don't understand why it brings so much grief as the loss while very real to you isn't visible to them.

Take care x


I'm a worrier, from a long line of female worriers! I've also had depression and had counselling and medication for it. I found cognitive behaviour therapy and mindfulness have worked for me and I worry so much less, however during times of stress, like treatment, I know that I can start to go into worry overdrive if I don't monitor my emotional well being.

Different things work for different people. Counselling might be worth looking into, perhaps you could have a chat with your GP about this?

I've had miscarriages from natural conceptions as well as 2 failed rounds of ICSI and I think any negative experiences can cloud your thoughts about IVF. The way I see it is it gives a better chance than leaving it to nature. Treatment is not great but it might work for you.

Good luck!


Yeah my doctor recently put my medication dose up ,she wants my head to be mentally prepared for ivf.ive started reflexology and am going to start acupuncture,just really not sleeping at the moment good days and bad days I hate that what you thought would just happen naturally is never gonna happen ,thanks for the advice xx


I went back on medication after our first failed treatment round and have stayed on it as a preventative measure. I've also done some reading on acceptance Committment therapy (ACT).

It seems so unfair that some people get pregnant so easily and others have such battles and even with medical intervention it's far from guaranteed. It's something that I often think about, not that I would want others to be without their children I just want that opportunity for us to be a family rather than a couple.

With regards to sleeping I found "The Sleep Book" by Dr Guy Meadows really helpful, it's ACT based. My sleep has improved so much. I got it from the library.


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