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NHS IVF Waiting List


Hi, just wondering if anyone knows how this works?! We have had all of the tests and our doctor sent off the application to our local CCG but now she doesn't seem to know what happens next! She said she 'thinks' that we'll get a call from a fertility clinic in 4-6 weeks time and that will be it. Is she correct? Could our application be rejected? Do we just continue to hold tight if we don't hear anything after 6 weeks and hope that someone will call us soon?! We can't bare any more waiting!!!

Any experience or knowledge on this matter would be hugely appreciated! X

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you should get a call form them if you don't hear anything for 6 weeks then call, its best to let them come to you

Hi Pumpkins. Do we go on a waiting list once they call? Or will we be seen at a clinic pretty soon after?

not sure they will tell what should happen next

My application went in and I had a letter 4-5 weeks later. There’s no need to chase because they have time lines they have to adhere to. Same goes for when you pick your chosen clinic they have to get back to you within 8 weeks (at least in my pct).

Your application can be rejected depending on your pct and how many boxes you’ve ticked on the questionnaire the doctor completes. I wouldn’t have thought that the doctor would have filled it out if they thought you didn’t have a chance.

Try not to worry this early on. The doctor has obviously taken your situation seriously. My doctor at your stage also didn’t seem to be able to give me any information or timelines either.

Refocus in reply to CJem18

Thanks Cjem. Do we go on a waiting list after they contact us? I just want to know for my sanity how much longer we have to wait!

CJem18 in reply to Refocus

Where I am once my funding application was approved I then got a letter asking for me to pick between two clinics that my PCT use. The doctor then sent my notes over to the clinic and they then had 8 weeks to contact me. From application to first consultation appointment it was about 3.5 to 4 months. I know you are going to feel like that’s a long time but I kept reminding myself I am getting this for free and not everyone is so lucky. Some doctors will refuse to refer you on the basis of your bmi.

We were told 6-8 weeks and it ended up being more like 12! xx


Hi, I was seen within 8 weeks of the GP referral. I know it’s stressful waiting. X

Hi, I was too impatient to wait and called the clinic to see when I would expect an appointment after our referral. Good job I did as there was a mix up at my GP and the letter hadn't been sent. Once it had, I was given an appointment for about 6 weeks later. Being the impatient person that I am, I telephoned constantly to ask if they had any cancellation appointments and one of my calls was luckily successful - we ended up being seen 4 weeks earlier than we should have been. I'm a great believer of 'if you don't ask, you don't get', so my advice would be to call and ask :-) Good luck x

Refocus in reply to Caza2009

Thank you, I will definitely be calling!!


We got an appointment letter and a date for sometime in September (this was June), but then I called them for a cancellation every few days and got a July appointment. So glad I did!

So once you get your initial date try this if it is far away.



Our referral went off in Feb, we’ve chased them four times and so has the private clinic the NHS funding would go to....we’ve opted to go privately as I’m 40 in nov Andy then it will be too late for the NHS

I'm sorry to hear you've not had a good experience with them. How did you know which clinic you would be getting the treatment at? X

where in the uk are you based

South West London - Wandsworth

Ok. you CCG is southwest London. Are you getting the IVf for free or are you having to pay?

Free as far as I'm aware!

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