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I HAD natural FET on the 27th of oct so this morning I did clear blue digital pregnancy test and came back BFP 1-2 weeks that's 8days after FET im scared its a fales positive my blood test is this Friday I test again in the morning any advice girls thanks

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Hi chick first of all congratulations I had 1 5day blast and tested 6 days after and I had bfp to on a clear blue digital I have 6 months identical twin girls now😜 was it a 5 day or 3 day embie? Xxxx


hi huni thank you so much for reply to me wow news sounds wonderful I had a 5day blast transfer im so existed cant wait till Friday to have it confirmed xxxx


Babes I'd stay away from them! They are more so a gimmick and not accurate and cause unnecessary stress for no reason! Stick to first response x I was 5 weeks and mine showed 2-3 weeks! So many ladies say the same about the digital tests x


Hi thank you for your advice I just pop over to the chemist and bought the first response test I did straight away and got a positive I'm so happy xxx


Good sign if the hormones are in your body this late in the day! Usually first urine is recommended as it's more concentrated. Seeing your post makes me tempted to test too but I had a fresh transfer and the trigger shot could still be in my system. I am 7dp5db, so it's about 2 weeks since I took the hCG, maybe it is gone by now.....

The clear blue digital tells you the weeks since you ovulated, not how many weeks you are pregnant, so you are really 3-4 weeks pregnant! First Response does seem to be the test favoured by gps and clinics as this is what I was given to test with.

Best of luck - exciting times!


hi there thank you for your advice yeah you should test with first response good luck im going to test again tomorrow xxxxxxx


Sounds like fantastic news to be estee1234. Hard not to doubt every little thing but im sure you can start to get excited, best wishes xx


hi there thank you I re-test this morning with clearblue digital and got a positive 1-2 weeks then I used first response and got too very strong pink lines I cant wait for tomorrow to be comfirmed with blood test xxxxx


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