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FET....Needing some advice!

Hi all,

I'm due to start the FET process in the next few weeks after my freeze all..

I have no idea how this process works, I have tried Google & don't seem to get very much info. And as yet, no directions from the clinic.

Can any of you lovely ladies who have done FET shed some light for me? Just wondering how it all works. What meds are used? How long it takes? Anything really....just so I have a little knowledge in my head 😊

Thankyou xoxoxo

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It depends on whether you are doing a medicated or natural fet. My last one was medicated and I was down regulating for 28 days on Buserelin injections, followed by drugs to prepare my lining but this time I'm doing a more natural fet and I think transfer will be about 5 days after ovulation. I think the natural cycle is a bit quicker xx

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Ahh ok! Thanks for the reply. I have no idea how or what they have planned for me as yet. Appointment in a few weeks to get the ball rolling.

I guess as ever, each person will be different. I'm sure I was told by one of the nurses that i wouldn't need to inject again 😕

Feeling nervous all over again now ready to start the next chapter. Will be glad once I know what the plan is 😊 Hopefully that will settle my nerves!

The natural cycle does sound alot better. How are you finding it? xoxo


I haven't started yet, it will be in July after I have an endo scratch on the 3rd.. I think it's going to be a lot easier than a medicated cycle xx


Hello! The FET is far more gentle, and much much easier, I found I was a lot more chilled out as I wasn't having loads of injections all the time, or scans I was on progynova- a small tablet twice a day, and cyclogest, and I think that was all. They just want to make your womb super thick and ready for one of your Frosties! I hope it all goes well xxx

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Hi! Oh wow - that sounds much better ☺ Hopefully that's how mine will go. I'm just starting to get a little panicked now the appointments getting closer.

Once I know what's going on hopefully I'll get back to calmness about it all.

Thankyou!! xox


Yeah it's all the not knowing they drives me nuts, I think every clinic is different, but if your cycle is regular I think you'll be ok! They did a freeze all with me as i had mild OHSS and my clinic is moving more to frozen instead of fresh, they want your womb all chilled out!! Xx


Same with me! I hate the not knowing part 😧 Ahh i was the same, I had a freeze all due to OHSS. My cycles are pretty regular so fingers crossed! Going on holiday a week before were due to start so hoping my womb will be as chilled as possible lol 😂 xx


Hi jade! Good luck!

I agree with all the above. Also the FET normally takes place about 8 weeks after your freeze all. (They usually want you to have a full natural period in between and then the following cycle they do the FET)

It is def a lot more chilled! I've been told by many including nurses. The meds to prepare your lining - esp progesterone- can sometimes make you a bit grumpy (like you would just before your period because it's essentially doing the same thing) and very tired! But apart from that should be fine.

I don't have natural cycles and I don't ovulate so I think mine will be medicated... Although I am delaying mine to go on holiday also and have enough time to do further tests and scans before FET!

Hope all works out for you x

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