5 weeks and bleeding

We had our fet 15th October and got our bfp last Thursday, I started to bleed this morning and had some clots when bleeding and I think I could have miscarried. Thankfully it has lightened off and we pray it stops completely. We had 2 of our embryos put in and I have seen my clinic today for bloods and go back Thursday for bloods again to see if Hcg level is rising or not. It's our 3rd time and my husband and I feel nervous and worried, trying to stay positive but is hard.

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  • I hope ur doing OK, u must be feeling on edge at the moment, I have read alot of women do bleed early on in pregnancy and everything is still fine. I really hope everything is ok for u look after urself and take it easy and keep positive. Thinking of you xx

  • Thankyou, yes trying to be positive and not think too much until Thursday, easier said than done. It helps to have people out there X

  • Sending you all the positive vibes possible. I hope it's nothing and this is 3rd lucky. All the best.

  • I hope it's 3rd time lucky too, Thankyou xx

  • I hope all goes well on Thursday I had same thing bleeding with clots for 36 hours was st hosp Sunday for bloods and then today and they doubled I also had two embryos so positive vibes ur way let me know how u get on Thursday . Iv to go bk again then to xx

  • Hi. Thankyou that helps to know someone else is going through it and got a positive response. So pleased for you and how many weeks are you? I will let you know and please let me know how it goes for you on Thursday xx

  • I am only 4wks 5 days so def hope for u I'm sending u lots of well wishes for Thursday let me know how it goes and I will keep u updated to xxx

  • Hi, I had my results and the levels have lowered so not good news but we will

    try again and we have to think positive to keep us going that on day our miracle will come true x

  • Oh gosh I'm so so sorry to here that ur precious baby will come soon lots of positive thoughts and vibes ur was xxx

  • Thankyou we are seeing dr in the morning which is good. I hope you got good news are you levels going up? X

  • I really am so sorry my levels went up today , still bleeding so still a long way till out of the woods . I wish u all the luck for your next journey stay strong xx

  • Thankyou and yes I will let you know X good luck x

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