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Nearing egg collection

Hey ladies

I am intermittent on my posts, but do follow and see how everyone is doing....congrats to those that have their ever longing BFP and for us still trying hang in there....

I went for my scan today after a week of Gonal f @ 450 and 0.2 buserlin daily and so far we are doing really well with good follicles and good lining currently @ 7.2.

Praying everything stays on track as I was so worried I wasn't responding.

Next scan on Thursday to see when collection will be hoping this is the one for us.

Happy injecting to us on the journey.

Positive energy to those with BFP

Prayers for those on 2ww

And a don't give up to those with that hated BFN....

Hope is all we have never lose faith 😘

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What a lovely post. Wishing you lots of healthy happy follies ready for your collection.xx


Such a lovely post. I needed that today as I enter the second week of my 2ww!

Best of luck with ec, hope all goes well for you. x


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