Egg Collection today, 5 eggs collected πŸ™

Hi everyone, today was egg collection and it went well. I'm feeling a bit sore and tired but other than that it went well. They collected 5 eggs today which we were happy with as it's more than our first round so hoping round 2 works for us. My follicules also grew bigger on Gonal F than Menopur. They are being fertilised today and overnight and we will get a call tomorrow morning with an update of how many made it through. Praying that we have strong and healthy embies πŸ™πŸ™. We will also find out if they are doing a 3dt or a 5dt. Xx

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  • Brilliant news I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! I have my EC next week x

  • Good luck sounds good get plenty of rest

    mines not until feb


  • Great news . . . Everything is crossed for you 😊

    Let's us know how many fertilises. Xx

  • My prayers and thoughts are with you.

    My egg transfer is on Monday and I just don't know how I feel about it. Excitement, worry?? I can almost see that toddler playing with our dogs and us walking behind, so close yet not there yet.

  • Hi Hannah I also had my collection Thursday! I was so sore but feeling much better! There is nothing more exciting than receiving your call to tell you how the little embryos are doing! Keeping everything crossed for you x

  • Thank you for your kind wishes, we got 5 out of 5! We are absolutely delighted to hear this news today. Last time only 2 out of 4 made it so we didn't have the luxury to choose the stronger and better quality embies to transfer, we just had to use the 2 we had.

    We will hear on Monday how our 5 embies are doing and whether we go for a 3dt or a 5dt. Xx

  • That's excellent news Hannah143. Wish you a very good luck for ET. My egg collection is on 20th xx

  • Thank you. Good luck for your ec next week, not long for you to go now, keeping everything crossed for you xx

  • Hope the news went well today, excited for you! Sending lots of luck x

  • Good luck! I'm doing my FET on Monday..... Pretty nervous about it but only transferring one coz we are worried of multiples. Trying to stay calm!

  • I hope it went well for you today and you now have your feet up and are relaxing, good luck for your 2WW xx

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