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Introducing my 5BB embryo born 10/07/17 8bl 1 ❤️


Hi everyone, just hoping to spread some positivity that this can work so here he is little Lincoln created from a very average 5BB grade embryo who implanted despite me having fluid on my tubes, he was my only decent egg out of five which fertilised none left to freeze my little miracle and I still can't quite believe he is here. I hope you all get this chance it took me 7 years and every day of agony was worth it just keep believing in yourself and your body as the combination of science and nature we use to make these special babies is amazing 😉 spreading baby dust to all and lots of love and hugs xxx Vicky xxx

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Congratulations it gives us all hope thankyou xx

He is gorgeous. Huge congratulations xxxx

Beautiful xx

So beautiful! Congratulations. So lovely to see something so positive after the struggle for 7 years. I'm sure Lincoln will be truly treasured.


Lovely news xx

Ah congratulations, thank you for sharing your wonderful news xxxxxxx

Ah congratulations 🎊 he is georgeous... Xxx

Wonderful wonderful happy news giving hope to so many on here. Sending huge love and congratulations on your little miracle. Enjoy every moment xxxxxxx

Thank you for sharing and congratulations xx


Congratulations x

Wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Yes well worth all hard journeys

What a beautiful baby boy and so much hair for such a little one! Huge congratulations and thank you for coming back to share your good news. Enjoy being a mummy xxx


Eeeek how exciting, enjoy your new role!! Many congratulations!! 🎉😍xxx

Thank you so much for sharing.congratulations.Lincoln will bring you so much joy.

He's lovely, huge congratulations and thanks for sharing such positivity and giving hope xx

Congratulations he is absolutely beautiful :) xxxx

Beautiful baby . Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉😘😘😘


Wow beautiful, massive congratulations xxx

blimey look at all that hair! 😍 beautiful x


Hi pMauz. What a handsome little chap! Well done, and give home a munch from me. Wishing you peace and contentment in your new family life, and take lots of photos, he will change so quickly! Diane Xxx

What a beautiful boy xx

This is such a wonderful post to see! Congratulations! He is just gorgeous!

Congratulations! Amazing beautiful boy xxxxx

Awwww he's amazing!!😍Congratulations!!xx

Congratulations! :)

Congratulations!! Lincoln is adorable 😊

Congratulations! He is adorable..thanks for sharing.

Congratulations- what a beautiful baby boy! Enjoy every moment after your life oh wait for him. Thank you for sharing xxxx

Gorgeous💙💙 congratulations xx


Congratulations! An amazing outcome for you both & a gorgeous little boy xxxx


Aaah hon he's precious xx

Awwww just gorgeous. I love the stoties of hope on here. Thanks for sharing xxx

Fantastic news thank you so much for posting this amazing photo of your miracle. All the ladies on here need to see this to give them HOPE. I hope you are well and I'm sure you will never stop smiling, congratulations xx

Congratulations what a beauty xx


Just absolutely exquisite 😘

Congratulations on your little boy! Enjoy all those gorgeous firsts xxx

Beautiful x

Thank you so much for all the congratulations everyone ❤️ He’s 5 months old Now and it still hasn’t sunk in, sending you all lots of love and baby dust never give up hope x

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