As someone who has been told my egg quality is poor and there's nothing I can do to improve it I found the following article interesting

I had my first cycle in October last year which failed. I was told my egg quality was very poor and basically there's nothing I can do to improve this no matter what I might read on the internet. Yet this article seems to suggest there is I have tried as much as i can from the recommended list hoping and praying it will make a difference to my 2nd and last cycle hopefully in April. The doc said the IVF is extremely unlikely to work with my eggs and wouldn't advise us having another go after this unless trying a donor. I just hope she's wrong πŸ™ either way it will be interesting to know the difference in this next cycle to last one xx

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  • Thanks for posting this. I also read it starts with the egg book after our failed cycle in October and followed advice in there which is similar to your article. I have taken sup presents recommended including dhea for the last 90 days. I do yoga and mindfulness anyway, I have also tried really hard to reduce stress at work and have taken time off for this cycle. I also followed the advice about parabens and bought paraben free products egg shampoo, detergent etc..really hoping it all works as cost a fortune πŸ˜‰I got ec today so fingers crossed xxx

  • Wishing you lots of luck. I started using tropic skincare products 2 years ago which are paraben free. Taking lots of supplements I did buy DHEA but I wasn't sure whether to take them or not so maybe il try if this cycle doesn't work. I'm doing the yoga, acupuncture, healthy eating and increased water. It will be interesting to see how the eggs/ embryos are affected in this next cycle for me whether it is successful or not. Fingers crossed for us both x

  • I took dhea and my Amh more than doubled..not even sure if this is possible!! What was your Amh?I kind of got to point where I think it sadly boils down to luck as clinic told meveryone your Amh can depend on conditions it is tested in!!! Had never heard that one before. .of to do some calming mindfulness before ec😨keep me posted on how you get on xx

  • I'm not sure what mine was. I maybe should ring up and ask. I'm just waiting for AF to make my next apointment so should be about11th march. I've booked two week off at Easter as this is when I'm hoping to do the drugs etc . Good luck will keep following xx

  • You too Mrs xxx

  • Wishing you lots of luck that these things work for you in April :) xx

  • I too read starts with the egg by rebecca frett and am taking standard pregnicare vitimins, Cq10, additional vitimin e & c healthly eating, no drinking, yoga, acupuncture trying to get my head around mindfulness after trying all this for 3 months I did fall pregnant last yr sadly ended in miscarriage but i believe all of the above had an impact and it all makes sense if you put crap into your body verse looking after your body it has to have an impact. I was told to avoid soya products as well and stick with milk as soya can alter hormones. I've got low ovarian reserve so egg quality is my biggest fear I'm due to start ivf very soon just waiting for my next period then this should start the ball rolling. Wishing you all the best I truly hope our happy ending is round the corner . Thanks for the article i wish there was more research available in this area xxx

  • Thanks for this Nyko, it's something that I will be definitely coming back to if this cycle doesn't work. Wishing you the best of luck with your cycle in April, have everything crossed for you x x x

  • Hi which brand of dhea do people use and dosage please x

  • Hey, I got mine from Biovea and took 3x75mg. Hope that helps!x

  • Thank you cinderella5. I'm same age and same AMH as you, I was told by a London endocrinologist that my AMH level was normal for my age and that anything above 5 was ok. It's so frustrating to know what to, as some say dhea is bad, others that it is good. I guess our genetics play a part too. I shall try. Wishing everyone baby dust x

  • Oh that's good that something is "normal" then! Ha ha ha Yes I think genetics do come into play in some way, my gran had a late baby so I do keep hoping there is a chance for me! I dont know if you read my other reply to Nyko below and cant say for sure but I defo did better after having taken DHEA! Good luck!xx

  • Normal is great!!!! I think living in the infertility bubble makes you start the question everything, sometimes there is no reason why some women fall pregnant and others don't. A lady I know just had a baby at 43 and she smoked hard throughout her pregnancy! I felt so sad to see her doing that.

    fingers crossed you get your bfp soon xx

  • Hi Nyko, thanks for the link....interesting stuff! Just wanted to share my story, I had a disasterous first cycle last year, I had 6 eggs collected, 1 of them was dead. 3 fertilised and they had all arrested by day 3 so we had none to put back. When we had a chat with the embryologist and consultant they said there was no test to check egg quality but it was more than likely my age (38 on first cycle and just turned 39 for 2nd go) my egg quality was the reason that things went so wrong (my AMH was 7.19) and there was nothing I could do to improve this. We considered egg donation but decided we would give me eggs one more chance. I decided to take DHEA after another lady on here suggested it and I did my own research. My clinic were neither against it or for it and said "it would do no harm". Cycle 2 came and we got 6 eggs again, they all fertilised and by day five we had 2 leading embryos that we put back, sadly they didnt take but this was far better than previously! We recently had our review and the consultant asked if we had done anything different as my meds were pretty much the same. The only thing was the DHEA really. She smiled and said "I did wonder as the difference was astounding, that it was like looking at two different patient charts". I asked if there was anything we could do differently this time and she said she wouldnt change anything and if I still had DHEA to get back on it! Obviously we have no idea if it was this that made the difference or just coincidence but im back on it for our next cycle around April. All the best with your cycle!xx

  • I bought some DHEA but in the end I was too nervous to try it incase it affected anything negative for me I asked my docs and they said they hadn't heard of of it and if there was something that could help they would know about it. I just didn't know what to do πŸ˜• But everyone seems to be getting better results from trying it so I just don't know it's so difficult knowing what o do for the best xxx

  • Yes it is hard knowing what to do for the best but I figured after my first disaster it was worth the chance. The only other thing that I asked about was coq10 but the consultant kind of screwed her face up so Ive decided not go ahead with that one.xx

  • I've been taking coq10 as read about that somewhere to be fair I'm taking all sorts just hoping for a miracle xx

  • Great article. Good luck to you!! xx

  • Just thought I'd mention that pregnacare pre-Natal contains l-arginine and the it starts with the egg book is quite negative about that supplement. I found the rainbow light brand that Rebecca fett recommends on Amazon, they were expensive but you do get 180 pills! Just thought I would share.

  • Hi are you in the U.K.?

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