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Bundle of stress!

I start my IVF cycle tomorrow after two failed IUI's and I'm so stressed out! I only get one funded cycle and I'm feeling so much pressure like this is our final hope. I responded really badly to my second IUI round and ended up being on the drugs for 45 days to get one mature follicle. I'm so worried the same will happen this time. I hate that it's all out of my control. I can't concentrate at work. I know stress isn't going to help the situation but I can't seem to calm myself.

Also been put on a long protocol but don't understand what this means, can anyone explain?

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Hi Vickal. The long protocol is the more common way of performing IVF/ICSI. This is usually started on day 1 or day 21 of your cycle, when you start taking the down regulation drug (probably Buserelin). Blood hormones & scan are usually checked 10-14 days after the start of treatment to see whether you are ready for the stimulating drugs, and that there are no cysts that could cause problems during stimulation. The “stims” go on for 7-10 days, then after scanning and your follicles are the right size, you have a “trigger” shot of hCG to release eggs into the follicles. About 36 hrs later you go for egg collection, when they will be fertilised with the prepared sperm. Then it’s a case of watching to see how they develop, then 3-5 days later you will have embryo transfer, after which you most probably will be prescribed some progesterone in the form of pessaries or gel to use in order to support the lining of your womb. Your clinic will look after you, and of course, all the girlies on this site. Diane

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I so know how you feel..It's just so stressful and is out of your control. I found it easier if I concentrated on the things in life that were under my control, like exercising, doing things that I enjoyed and eating well.

I also found as I knew this would be the final go ( no money left and getting on a bit :-) ) I needed a backup plan to preserve my sanity.

I am now 8 weeks pregnant from my third ivf, so it has taken me a few years to get here. Now anxiously waiting for my 12 week scan :-)

Wishing you all the luck in the world!


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Thanks for replying. Great news on your pregnancy! Nice to hear a positive story :-)


Hi Vickal.

I felt the same when I first started treatment. I am currently on my 2ww which is the most stress part of the ivf process for me so far. I had accupuncture as part of my treatment which really helped to relax me.

I did the long protocol and even though it's long it goes quickly and you get used to it.

Try to stay positive. This site is brilliant for when you need some reassurance or just a bit of a sanity check. It's definately kept me from cracking this past 2 weeks.

Good luck with your treatment and keeping my fingers crossed for you for lots of lovely follies. Xx


Thanks, good luck with the dreaded two week wait. Hopefully you'll get the positive we all hope for xx


Hey sending you lots of luck and hope xx


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