Fet this afternoon ❄️❄️❄️

I can't bring myself to be excited. Nervous yes but not excited. I'm worried over the phone call to the lab at 12, worried over my little embie, hoping we only need to thaw one.. As for et itself I know that's totally doable, uncomfortable but doable, but I can't be excited because I'm so scared I'm going to get heartbroken again. I keep telling myself everything is good, my lining, our blastocysts; I even had the endo scratch in my last cycle! I feel so anxious 😕

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  • Good luck Tugsgirl xx

  • One step at a time, good luck! X

  • Good luck tugsgirl!

    Thinking of you today! ET for me today Aswell!

    We can do this

    Sending positive sticky vibes for us both

    💗💗💗🍀🍀🍀✨✨✨ xxx

  • Good luck 🍀 X

  • Ps let me know when your test date will be 🙏🏻 X

  • Good luck x

  • Good Luck Tugsgirl fingers crossed for you :) sending lots of baby dust xxx

  • Oh Tugsgirl I am right there with you sweetie!!! It is so so hard but after the transfer is done you'll be 100% Team Embie!!! We've got this my love and we will help each other every step of the way. Sending so much love for today!! x x x

  • I'm so nervous my hands are shaking lol. Good luck to you too! 🍀 X

  • Ps keep me posted on your test date 🙏🏻 X

  • Friday 10th 🙈🙈🙈

  • How are you doing on your tww? X

  • Hey Tugs. So far so good. Not too much craziness so far. Went back to work today so feel goosed tonight. How are you feeling? Are you symptom spotting? I haven't got any to spot! x x x

  • I went crazy a couple of days ago 😂 🤣 Keep thinking I'm going to get af and keep checking when I use the loo.

    You should sleep well tonight then 😊 😴 X

  • 😂😂 well you're entitled to a little crazy now and again! I don't have any symptoms. The only effect the progesterone seems to be having is blowing my stomach up like a balloon again! 🙈 X x x

  • Awww. It's making me a little sore 😕 X

  • Oh no I hope that passes 😳 The things we have to do eh?! x x x

  • Best of luck! Lots of love xxxxx

  • Best of luck ☘️☘️ Stay positive 😊 X

  • Wishing you the very very best. Please try to remain calm and above all remain

    Positive. It's hard i know, but you have to do TugsGirl. You've done so so well to get this far...you owe this to yourself. I will ne joong and praying all goes well.

  • Good luck and keep focusss! Breathhhhhhhh and smile, you can do it, thinking of you 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼👫❤️

  • It's hard to feel as excited after experiencing a BFN. Hopefully this will get you your BFP. Fingers crossed!

  • Sending you calm and positive vibes and wishes for your every success this time. I hope from your phone call on everything just falls into place. Xx 😊

  • The lady on reception can't get anyone in the lab to pick up 😡😡😡 stressed enough already x

  • Grr! It's always the same with our clinic, you get put through to the nurses and get an answering machine! So frustrating but hopefully they get back to you soon xx

  • After 35 minutes I rang back and got put through to the lab this time. A very nice lady said she hadn't received any message of my call 😡 Anyway our embryo survived the thaw and we're on our way! I told them I might be late now as it takes us roughly an hour and a half to get there but they said not to worry. Um I wouldn't be half as worried if they'd just told me at 12 like they were supposed to! 😡 X

  • That's all you need! You're on your way now though that's all that matters. Not long now, good luck!!! ☘️😘 X x x

  • ❤️

  • Wish u al d best ....

  • Wishing you all the luck for today tugsgirl, lots of positive thoughts and love coming your way xx

  • Good luck, hope all was ok and your relaxing xx

  • It all went well thank you x

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