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My little bundle of joy

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I’m writing this not to upset people but to give people hope. 13 weeks ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy by emergency c-section at 36 weeks +4.

I started the journey back in December last year with little hope. At 37 I was told age was against me and after only collecting 2 eggs I was devastated, even more so when only one fertilised. That one egg was transferred on day 3 and on Boxing Day last year I tested positive..... I couldn’t believe how lucky we were.

Every day I count my lucky stars and know how lucky we are. He’s very precious and special. My message is never give up, it only takes one egg! I wish you all the very best in your journeys. X

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Such a beautiful story 💙 Wishing you a wonderful life together xxx

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Lovely. Congratulations xx

Congratulations!!!! So happy for you!

This is great news xx

Thanks you for the inspiriting news... for me at 38 (nearly 39) it motivates me and gives me hope... hope that I can still make it happen ... great news to start the day. 😉😉😉

Thanks for sharing, it does give hope x

Miracle story. Love it. Congratulations hun really pleased for you 💗🤗😘


How wonderful, congratulations thank you for sharing your story x

Congratulations! And thank you for sharing this lovely story of hope x

Thanks u for the positive vibes. It's hard to stay up beat or think about a potential good out come but hearing success stories does indeed give me some hope x

Thank you for sharing and congratulations to you 🎉🎉❤️❤️

Congratulations! Proof that one egg really is all it takes!

thanks for sharing and huge congrats xxx

Thank you for sharing!! Yes the answer is never to give up!!! Congratulations to you xxxxx

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