Oh. My. God. I. Am. Pregnant! Oh, and have mild OHSS

Hello ladies (and gents),

Well, I went into the hospital this morning to get my OHSS symptoms checked out (confirmed), but the bonus BIG news was that I'm pregnant!!!

Test day was only tomorrow so got off the hook a day early. Had snuck in a urine test at home before going in for bloods this morning as I wanted to share the moment with my partner if it was positive. Also that one was pretty unequivocal!!!

Can't get any work done now, I'm on cloud nine!

7-week scan 31 May. Can't come fast enough!

Hang in there those of you who are trying hard, my first cycle was an absolute mess and this one absolutely amazing. We still have 7 high quality shockers in the freezer too! So there are some backups in case the worst happens... but for now I'll think positive!


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  • Congratulations! Fanastic news! x

  • Congratulations!! I hope your OHSS settles down soon!xx

  • Brilliant news, so happy for you! x

  • "High quality shockers" love it!

    Congratulations! x

  • I'm just so amazed I can go from zero embryos to transfer in one cycle, to having eight AA in the next!

  • thats fantastic news. .. congratulations x

  • Congratulations! x

  • Fabulous news! Many congratulations xxx

  • Fantastic β€πŸŒˆπŸ’‹

  • This is fantastic news! Congratulations hun! Hope you feel better soon xx

  • Congratulations wonderful news :) x

  • Congratulations fab news!! Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well Im just waiting in my 7 weeks scan and I think the wait is worse the the 2ww ha ha xx

  • Aw fantastic, what an amazing surprise! Congratulations πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

  • Congtulations x

  • A huge congratulations to you.enjoy your pregnancy and hope the OHSS will be sorted out soon.

  • Huge congratulations! Hope the ohss calms down soon for you it's not nice at all. Good luck for your scan hope it flies in for you xx ❀

  • Congratulations! Well done you!! Now time to relax a bit x

  • Massive congratulations xx

  • Congratulations! How lovely! x

  • Congratulations great news xx

  • Congratulations!!! Such a lovely positive post to put a smile on my face this cold spring evening xoxo

  • Congratulations 🎊. Great news xxx

  • Great news! Congratulations xx

  • Congratulations xxx

  • Thank you lovely ladies for all your cheering and wishes! Warms my heart :-)

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