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Stress and more stress!!

Having a new kitchen fitted in the two week wait wasn't my best decision. Didn't go smoothly eaither so I had to get involved. So this stressed me out for second and third day after transfer, I ignored the mess until today, but then stressed out earlier for a hour and shouted at hubby and cried. Everything's fine now. He's putting everything away, and we're getting some order back in the house. But scared now I have stressed my body out to much at a critical time! Can you stress yourself out and stop yourself getting pregnant?! I'm convinced I've failed, even though cycle went really well!! 😑😑😑

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You haven't failed yet. Just wait until the otd! 🍀🤞🏻


I totally get how you feel.after et I had a busy day and my dh thought I did too much.I was convinced I had done harm. We got another bfn but to be honest on that day I forgot all about my earlier anxiety at start of 2ww as I was so upset. I think a lot of this is down to luck and nothing to do with our stress..we have to live and life goes on..I am wishing you so much luck and hope you like your kitchen too xx


Yeah thanks, I had a really shArp pain last night to and cramps did you have that? I'm hoping it's implantation xx

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I had all sorts of aches and creeks..hard to know what is what.try to relax as much as you can xxx


When did you test? Xxx


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