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EC Wednesday - only 2 follies but doing well!

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Just back from my last scan until egg collection on Wednesday and im so pleased they are both a brilliant size for collection. last Friday they were out of sync with each other having a 17mm and a 14mm. They were worried that when taken out one might be too big or one too small as they have to be between 17 and 24 to be viable. So after doctors looking at my scan they decided to wait and give my slow one a chance to catch up in hope the other larger one didnt grow to large! This morning at my scan i have a 21mm and a 20 mm so im really pleased!

I know its only 2 but at least they are the best they can be at this point. I did have acupuncture over the weekend working on my left ovary (the 14 mm one) and I dont know if it was directly from having the treatment but its gone from 14 to 20mm from Friday morning scan to this morning!

So first hurdle done. I was so worried at not responding to the drugs with my diminished ovarian reserve but although slow I have responded well (today is day 17 of stims)

I just pray my 2 little follies are good ones and all goes well Wednesday x

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That's great news, well done for being positive too! This journey can be so tough, just keep going!

my EC is Friday or Monday!

Good luck for Wednesday xx💕

That's great news! I didn't respond too well either, my lazy right ovary gave me nothing at all. I end up getting 2 blastocysts transferred last week. I had nothing to freeze but I wasn't expecting to have any anyway and I was so grateful for having those 2 work out for me! Best of luck with it, hope you have 2 nice embryos at the end of it.

Hi blondyboo, my egg collection is Wednesday too, I'm so nervous! I've got 3 mature follicles and praying the same as you. Just hope they're good quality etc! I've been having the same thought processes as you; when I was told that I wasn't responding well, I just kept hoping that something would happen and my ovaries would respond. I had a lazy right ovary. Now I've got everything crossed for the next stage. I'll be thinking of you Wednesday and keeping everything crossed x

Very, very good luck to you, Blondyboo. I will think of you on Wednesday... and do let us all know how you get on! All the best, H.

Thank you everyone. Feels weird not sniffing buserelin this morning! Feeling a bit apprehensive about tomorrow. I'm nervous about waking up and being told bad news again I just hope at least 1 is OK to put back. I will feel so bad if after going through all this we don't get one to put back its trying to be positive but as tomorrow gets nearer my positivity gets less! X

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