Low amh, 2 follies yet

Hi all lovely ladies!

Been for my scan of day 11, showed two follies only , not that big a size but fine! Doctor said we should wait and watch for further growth and then decide about retrieval! As of yet i heard nothing about IUI from my doc! My question is has anyone of you or anyone you know been pregnant with such low count of follies? And with 2 follies will doctor even go for collection , coz of my low amh may be she would but... Wod they fertilise wod they stick wod i carry them... bundle of things on my mind!

I hope future holds something good for all of us here but i very much want a response plz! Im both positive and part of me is worriedπŸ˜”

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  • Hey I would have thought the they would collect what there is xx

  • Hi I only have 4 visible and they are doing my collection tomorrow. I think as long as there's something there they will collect. Quality over quantity is all I am hoping πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ X

  • Rightly or wrongly I have been using a hot water bottle not directly on the skin but just trying to keep the area warm so they grow x

  • I was told by by acupuncturist that helps! but not once they put any back in you x

  • Yes that what mine said. I have set my mind to just have to work with what I have πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

  • I only had 2 follies and still went to egg collection x (LOW AMH, ICSI NHS)

  • Thanks all for your writing in! Yes button-123 thats how its should be! I got motivated by my doc saying to me yesterday "we wait and talk abiut retrieval later on" hinting yes they wod go for collection since my ovary wod have put in all effort it cod to reach even here! Yes me too using the bottle πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Blondy boo after that collection what was end result can you share plz?

  • My egg quality is sadly not good they only retrieved 1 egg at collection (on full wack drugs) and it didn't fertilize. BUT i have heard lots of storys with just one egg working so dont loose hope! For us we are now going down the donor egg route as it is the best possible way to be parents for us. x

  • Bloomdyboo highly appreciate your quick response😘 Good luck with your dream of becoming parents!Yes im positive but with loads of doubts and ifs n nots! But would give us this chance of trying our genetic baby coz walking each step in this journey is like climbing a mountain and noone can forecast how close or far we are from the last hurdle! We can try with what we have at this point in time!πŸ˜” Next scan wod be on 14 cycle day! Dont know how long can we try n hope for them to grow? Doc upped my gonal f for two days to 300 from 150!

  • Your doing well then I was on 450 menopur and only got a few x

  • We only had 1 follicle develop on my 6th round. The egg was perfect. It worked.

  • Hi Hopeful, like you they initially found only found 2 follicles on me, which turned to 5. They ended up retrieving 3 eggs and 2 got fertilised and transferred. So they might go ahead with it depending on the follicle size. You might just need more stimming. We didn't get pregnant, but it could happen, so try to hang in there!

  • Oh my God filmgirl, your story is uniquely sweet and comforting to my heart😘 thanks for writing in! It gave me so much hope☺️

    Cino thank you dear for your supportive words, I really totally agree , on my day 14 going in for scan and also bloodworks, lets see what comes next! My doc seemed confident about EC last time, only depends on how much bigger they are from last app!Will thank God for whatever the outcome may be , coz trying is only what we can do! Wish you all lots of good luck in your journey of achieving parenthood!

  • Hi Hopeful2016. Rest assured that providing your follicles are of a size for eggs to get into, however few, they will be aspirated. Fortunately, even will only a few eggs retrieved, success happens. Good luck for next scan. Diane

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