Ec on Wednesday!!!

Hi again lol so we had the call we have egg collection on Wednesday, I've had to move my whole diary round which has dressed me out big time as I do mobile hairdressing and silly me booked a few days away next week and now struggling to fit all my clients in πŸ™„ can anyone tell me as day 5 after collection is a Sunday would I still be called to go in? I'm only asking so I don't need to move my Monday appointments as well? xx

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  • Wow it seems so far moving now hey! My clinic is open 7 days and do procedures on Sunday if need be but I can only speak for myself. Good luck got everything crossed for you!

  • *Fast moving even

  • Good luck for your egg collection! X

  • Yes you can be called in on a Sunday. I prefer it to be a wknd as you don't have to sort work out. Good luck for Weds. xxx

  • Yay! Good luck 😊

  • Oh exciting times, all the best for Wednesday!!xx

  • My clinic do Sundays, but my collection was the wed and they counted Thursday as day one, so gave me the Monday as transfer day , they counted that as day5, I would move ur Monday appointments x

  • Hey Hun, I had my egg collection on a wednesday and was called in on the Monday after as my 5 day transfer xx

  • My egg collection was a Monday and my 5 day transfer was on the Saturday so mines counted 5 days from the day after egg collection. Good luck πŸ€ xxx

  • I've had ET on a Sunday, they'll do what's best for your little embie😊 if I was you I would probably take the next day off anyway just to put your feet up! Good luck πŸ€πŸ€ xxx

  • Great news lovey, good luck. A day 5 transfer would be Monday for you xx

  • Good Luck with the collection!

    It's always difficult moving things around as you don't get much notice of the dates and it's all so uncertain.

    Just bear in mind that it's possible you may need to be available for a D3 transfer. My last two cycles I've had D3s which I certainly wasn't expecting the first time!!

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