2nd scan done - EC on Wednesday!

Hi Ladies! Just got back from my second scan and they're happy with everything and want to proceed with egg collection this Wednesday.

I didn't take an accurate note of the follicles this time round as it would only increase my googling/obsessing! But there were 5 that were between 18-23 (ish) and around 5 at 14 which I am really hoping will grow by Wednesday. Then around 5 between 10-13 (not expecting much from those!) and 5<10 which will be a write off. The follicles are apparently a nice shape (?!) and my lining is 8.9. Feeling positive all in all that we should get some good quality eggs even if not as many as I was hoping for initially.

Weird to think that in 3 weeks time we'll definitely know whether this has worked or not! eek!

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  • Oooh well done!! I'm just sat in the clinic now awaiting my second scan to see if all good for wed too 😬Xx

  • Ahh exciting, fingers crossed for you! Let me now how you get on!! xxx

  • Hi Strawb86. Well all is looking good for quite a few eggs on Wednesday. Have a good rest after collection, and I hope that many of them fertilise. All getting exciting now, anxious too I'm sure, but we're all supporting you. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you Diane, that's so lovely of you. Yes I think my husband is getting bored of talking me down from my anxious moments!! But we're very excited too :) thanks for your support xx

  • I'm booked in for weds too! Hope it all goes well xx

  • you me and Baby2016 all in the running together! Mine isn't until 11am so having to wait up for my trigger shot at 11pm tonight. flagging already! lots of luck, lets keep in touch! xx

  • Deffo...its great to have u ladies along for the ride with me haha! Trigger shot in an hour for me (gulp)...no going back then!

  • oooh exciting!!!! let me know of any tips from the other side ;) I have an image of us unknowingly passing eachother in the hospital corridor on weds hahah. Gooood luck with the trigger! xx

  • Wahoo Trigger shot done!! 39 injections in total done...smashed it lol! xx

  • woah!!! superwoman!! well done you! well and truly on the countdown now!!xx

  • Hi Strawb86. All go this morning for you. Hope all goes well with the transfer. Have a good rest afterwards. Diane

  • Ah thank you Diane! Currentlysat in the waiting room with lots of other tense couples!!Xx

  • Good luck πŸ€πŸ€

  • xx

  • How exciting! Wednesday will be a big day for lots of us x hope it goes well at collection x

  • Ah Emma! so pleased for you that your little triplets are fighting on to Weds :) thank you, hope all goes well for you too at transfer xxx

  • Fantastic news! Good luck for Wednesday x

  • thank you :) hope you are doing well (I cant check your page to see where you're up to for some reason!) xxx

  • Lol thank you hun! Currently in the 2ww! Only 4 days left till test day!! Xx

  • ooooh wow exciting!!! well done for holding out, you're nearly there now!! So is it Friday you're testing? wishing you all the best xxx

  • Yep, St Patrick's day! So I've decided if it's a BFN I'm gonna have a Guinness as I haven't touched a drop of alcohol since Christmas! Lol

  • Haha well done! Fingers crossed that there's no need for that Guinness for another 9 months πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ xxx

  • Excellent news, its sounding good pet. You must be super excited!!!! Wishing you all the best hunxxx

  • Alternating between excited and paranoid as per usual!! thank you lovely, same to you xxx

  • It'll be over before you know it xxx plan something nice for yourself for afterwards. A nice dvd with fluffy socks xxx

  • haha I am literally sat with fluffy socks on choosing a dvd for tomo!!! great minds xxx

  • Ha ha I love it. I wore fluffy socks to EC lol:)

  • hahah I am pleased to hear that as that is my plan as well :) xx

  • Love it. Its the little things xxxx

  • Oh this great..all fingers and toes crossed for a bumper crop of eggs on Wednesday xxxxx

  • me toooo, crossing all the digits!! thank you xxx

  • Wow those numbers are great!! I'm getting a really positive feeling about your cycle, I think it will be good news xxx

  • Aw thank you sprinkles! That's really sweet, I hope you're right πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ how are you getting on? Xxx

  • I'm good thanks lovely, start oestrogen tablets Saturday, scan 29th and then embryo transfer 7th April all being well πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ» Xxxx

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