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Follie scan No 2 done ✅ EC possibly Friday

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So just had my second Follie scan, all is good apparently! Lining is still good, I have 8 follicles 4 at 18mm 2 at 20mm and 2 at 16mm

Looks like they may do egg collection on Friday instead of Monday.

Things seem to be heading in the right direction and positive.

Just need to wait to hear from the hospital tonight about the ovatrille injection should they decided to go ahead Friday.

I feel happy, apprehensive, nervous, excited everything!

But I am very nervous about egg collection, needles are my fear and every though I have injections every night they haven't really got any easier so I'm not looking forward to the canular in my arm for EC and the thought of being semi conscious!

Hope all you lovely ladies are ok and stim buddies are also coming along nicely!

Sending you all love and luck


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that all sounds positive. Wishing you lots of luck. I feel exactly the same about EC and haven't even started first lot of injections yet! I was reassured you'll feel no pain and if they do sense that you can feel it they will just update the dose. Let us know how you get on. Best wishes xx

Thanks louisear

Good luck with your cycle too


Your follies sound great 😍 I'm not afraid of needles but I can say that towards the end of my third round it got a bit tiresome as I was very bloated and unwell. And my skin was getting a bit sensitive. However EC is nothing to worry about, especially if you're going for the full medication. It really isn't the same. Just take it easy and think about your beautiful follies coming out to meet their new friends - try to see it as a beautiful experience 😊😊 In any case I wish the best of luck and beautiful embies that can return to your body xoxo

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Diamonddream in reply to Nesfin

Thanks nesfin

Really trying to be as positive as possible about EC but I just hate the thought!

That's a good way to look at it though, good luck with your pregnancy


Hi Diamonddream. All looking good for Friday. Good luck and have a good rest afterwards - and drink plenty of water. Diane

Thanks Diane, yes I'm making sure I have plenty of water all the time and will continue to do so!

Thank you

Hi Diamonddream, glad you've had positive news and you're in a good place.

After all you've been through to get here I'm sure you'll cope with egg collection just fine - I'll be sending you lots of positive vibes and I'm sure everyone else will too!

If it helps any, the only bits I can remember from my last egg collection was being wheeled into theatre and coming around again on ward - think I must have dropped off and hence have no negative memories of it at all! Tehe.

I have my second follie scan on Friday with potential egg collection on Monday. I had a bit of a wobbler but after some reassurance I'm feeling more positive again.

Lots of luck and love to you hun, hope this is our time. Xx 😊

Hi pookymama

Yes this has been such a journey and after ttc for over 4.5 years the positive news is nice.

Really hope this is our time!!

I feel ready - I just need to get EC done!! I'm so apprehensive!

Good luck with ur Friday Follie scan and EC

Look forward to hearing about it lots of positive vibes for you and your everyone else going through this


This is fantastic news Diamond! Try not to worry too much about the canular, I was laid down and couldn't see a thing, you've done so well doing the jabs when you have a fear of needles, this will be a doddle! I'm not far behind you, have my scan on Friday to see if we're ready to go on Monday but I imagine we'll be looking at Wednesday - yikes! Not long to go now! Good luck!! x x x

Thanks mommabear

I know everyone keeps saying that as I've had jabs every night the canular will be fine.

Think it's just the thought of it. Will try and be brave!

Excellent good luck Friday keep us posted wether u have EC Monday or Wednesday

Sending you love and luck xxx

go diamonddream & those lovely follies - that's brilliant news.

try not to worry too much about the canular - keep your eye on the prize! 👶🏻

keeping everything crossed for you xx

Thanks so much noodles!! I know I'm really trying not to get too worked up it's just the thought of it!!

Trying my best to stay positive and keep thinking about the prize 👶🏼

Thank you! How is everything coming along for you now Hun xxx 💗💗🍀🍀

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