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Only 1 chance at IVF

TTC for 5 years ...been on progesterone and chlomifine but with no ovulation. Had laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and ovarian drilling and dye and diagnosed with PCOS. Still no ovulation after all this and Gynaecologist discharged me and said IVF is my only option, and due to my partner having children we have to self fund. My retired parents have lent me enough money for 1 round of IVF.....what do I do if this doesn't work? I am feeling rather hopeless at the moment, yet I know I have to stay positive. I am surrounded by people who seem to get pregnant so easily and it is a struggle to cope sometimes, and even more difficult to talk to people honestly about how I'm feeling.

I am not a religious person but am praying for a miracle!

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Hi posh1me, sorry to hear you have been through so much to be told ivf is your only option...have you ever been tried on clomid? ive seen this used before going straight to ivf, if it really is a matter of ivf being your only option id do everything in your power to get yourself ready for the treatment both mentally an physically then give it your best shot....hopefully you will have embroyos to freeze then a FET is not as costly as a fresh cycle so you might be able to squeeze 1or 2 more cycles if your 1st ivf fails before giving up on the ivf route...im currently going through a self funded cycle myself as i have a son from a previous relationship so understand the feeling that if it doesnt work 'whats next'!! Unfortunatly for us my tubes are blocked so chances of concieveing naturally are unlikely but for you it wouldnt have to be the end, a friend of mine is jus about to have her 2nd baby both wer concieved naturally after clomid failed and a cycle of ivf failed...she thought that was the end but it appears something helped sort her ovaries out so she could ovulate...ive seen so many other cases of this aswel as hers! I wish you all the luck that you could be successful with where ever your treatment takes you x


Just realised you have already tried the clomid x


As hope_faith says possible frozen embryos will give you a far cheaper option later, zany clinics also offer payment plans which may offer you a viable option finance wise, but let's hope it never comes to any of that and you get your miracle first time xxx


hi posh1me. For sure you will manage, believe and never give up. If smb wants, solution will be found. Check fertility clinics abroad (they are cheaper), calculate costs, all (prices in Poland e.g. invictaclinics.com/infertility-treatment/ivf-programs/comparison-of-ivf-programs/). If yr cycle fails, think how fund next cycle. Not if and what to do, but how fund. The question is constructed in such way should encourage you to find ways. Best of the luck!


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