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Confused by what new clinic have said

We had a BFN from a fet last month, we've been looking at our options and as we're self funded have been speaking to a clinic in Cyprus. Having explained that in our 3 cycles of IVF I've not made it to otd without bleeding they've said this shouldn't happen and that even if it's a BFN result my period shouldn't start because of the medication - Is this true? I did mention concerns about it after our first failed cycle and the clinic dismissed it

I don't know whether this new clinic are trying to give us false hope or what they're saying is true - they mentioned I could have progesterone injections as well as using the pessaries if we try again

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Hi there Rainbowbreeze. I have only had one cycle but didn't make it to test date either due to bleeding. I felt like this wasn't normal and discussed it with the consultant at our follow up appointment and he mentioned I may need progesterone injections next time as well as the pessaries but didn't really want to go into much detail.

We have one FET left which we will probably do next year but if that is not successful we will be funding our next round so we may need to research clinics abroad too.

I hope you can get some detailed information from your new clinic, they already sound like they are thinking of your individual circumstances which is a very good sign. Good luck and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.



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