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New clinic


So we have moved clinics, yay!, and first consult is on friday. This new clinic also offers mild ivf which is what i always wanted to have. I was never comfortable going with conventional as i didnt feel it was right for me. Ive since read that if you have low reserves than mild may get less eggs but the quality is better.

At 40, even with high stims i wont be producing lots of eggs, so id rather concentrate on a few good ones. Ive been taking ubiquinol amongst lots of other vitamins and suppliments for egg quality for quite some time now so im hoping the quality will be ok.

Also because of having endo im sure less drugs to f**k up my hormones further cant be a bad choice. If you look at statistics, which i hate, then mild is less successful, but if you look further into it this is most likely because 1- its not offered on the nhs, 2- the drugs companies and clinics make less money and so dont push it as much 3- less people have it because of 1 and 2!

Does anyone have any personal experience with mild ivf? Id love to hear what it was like for you.

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Ah so pleased you changed clinics! You seem happier already! I did mild IVF also, I think it was the best choice for my age - 39. I got 17 eggs, 11 fertilized and 6 made it to blastocysts. I didn’t have anything to compare it to but overall feel happy and didn’t have any issues with the meds either.

Good luck lovely! Xx

Ahh thats awesome thankyou for sharing! Yes im so much happier, ive spoken at length to them on the phone and they already seem better. Ive also checked out out consultant and he is a pretty interesting guy, nothing like the wet lettuce we got stuck with the first time, so so far, so good! Xx

You’re welcome! Haha already on to a good start then ☺️let me know how your appointment goes Friday and good luck!! Xx

I will do, just been telling other half, he looks worried but i know its the best thing for me, and its me having to go through the treatment. Hopefully our new dr will agree with me and put his mind at rest xx

Yes totally. You seem pretty certain with what is right for you and you need to be comfortable with it all. Xx


Hi Purplewitch. Just wanted to wish you well at your new clinic. I have had plenty of ladies over 38 who have been successful with mild IVF. I feel you use eggs that want to come out, rather than being forced out. Thinking of you. Diane

Thanks so much Diane for the positive post! I feel the same, i was never comfortable with conventional ivf, it felt so wrong for me personally, and i think the same about forcing eggs out. Im much happier now ive made this choice.

Wishing you best of luck! So good to be on more of the same mindset with your clinic. I think it makes a high different to how you feel about it all. I had not heard of softer ivf! Off to google now:).

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Hi different- huge difference.....

Hi, yes much gentler on the body and eggs are better quality too. Apparently if we are forced to produce lots of eggs the body trys to nourish all those eggs and as its only built to nourish one or two at a time you are left with lots if bad quality eggs! Which makes total sense when you think about it.

Good info, yes totally does make sense.

Yeyyy glad to hear that uouv removed clinic....away from that depressing consultant! Just wanted to wish you all the best.xx

Thankyou Cinderella xx

What’s mild Ivf? Xx

Its ivf with less drugs and less stimulation. You work with a few good quality eggs rather than producing lots most of which are bad quality anyway x

So, we just got home from the new clinic, much, much better! He agreed mild and even natural ivf would be more beneficial for me. He thinks i would only get a couple of eggs even on high stims that were any good so pointless. We agreed to work on the quality, and he said about dhea and the other one beginning with m, lol i forget the name. Still not sure what to think as my amh is only 1.8, so im really worried if the quality isnt good enough then that will be the end of the line as far as ivf goes.

Hi Purplewitch18 just seen this post as I was searching mild ivf as I was thinking about going down the mild route as I've had 2 failed cycles producing 1 egg that were immature. Just wondering how far you have got with the process? I'm going to an open evening for a clinic next week for this.

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