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I had my EC on Monday and my transfer had been cancelled because I have OHSS. I was really not expecting this! I feel too poorly to be sad that the transfer has been cancelled. I have sever nausea and vomitting, pain and swelling of the abandon, pain when breathing and I just hurt all over.......things change by the hour, i go from feeling a bit better to worst again in a matter of a few hours. I can completely understand why the doctor said the pregnancy would be unsuccessful if they were to attempt the transfer. I'm confident I'm being advised accurately. My husband has gone back to work and I'm starting to feel really fed up, I'm not sure when the OHSS will go away and the doctors can't really say either - I'm stuck indoors, feeling poorly and on my own. To make matters worst the embryologist called yesterday and we now only have four eggs that are good quality for freezing (out of the original 10) and we still have until Saturday to go - I'm really worried that by Saturday we won't have any embryos suitable for freezing. unexpectidely all of the eggs were fertiliser by ICSI because the sperm quality was even more poor than expected. So I'm also now concerned about the additional risks associated with ICSI when it comes to birth defect etc. This is so much harder than I expected !!!!!!!! :-(

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  • Oh dear, it sounds like you are really having a tough time. You're right that it is hard!

    I had symptoms similar to yours after transfer which ended with BFN! I'm finding it hard to cope too - emotions everywhere! Try to stay positive for the news about your other embryos - I had two which were good enough to be frozen and I really hope that you get some positive news too. We have to trust that the experts know what they are doing. I know everyone says to keep busy but when you feel rotten this is really hard - I've been comfort eating ever since BFN now worried that my clothes don't fit!! Now think its about time for another chocolate!!

    Try and stay strong. x

  • Aw! I'm sure it's best to wait until your feeling better. 4 embryos is a good amount babe. I know you've still got to wait tomorow but I'm sure they will continue to grow another day . I only had 2 to freeze. . Your in a better postiton that a lot of people x

    Good luck

  • Hi lauren87 im in a very simular situation but my collection was on wednesday and transfer should be on monday but i seem to have mild ohss, ive not had any sickness but my body is hurting all over and my tummy is swollen, also hurts abit when i breath... Its so confusing when u start to feel better but then start to feel ill again shortly after, my transfer has not yet been confirmed as cancelled but im very much feeling like it might be the best thing to so if my syptoms are only going to worsen if i am successful. We are having icsi aswel and i do worry about birth defects but u have to remind urself the chances of them are only ever so slighly higher than with natural fertilisation, hope u feel better soon so u can go on to having ur transfer when u are well again x

  • Oh you, I hope you soon feel better.

    Our ET was abandoned 3 weeks ago, I was gutted, 2 embryos were frozen. We're able to have FET before Christmas as the dates just work out.

    It's important to get better before trying again and although it feels really unfair the medical advise is correct as you wouldn't want the OHSS to effect your chances of getting that BFP.

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