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Mild OHSS - Embryos frozen!

So today I was scheduled for my day 5 embryo transfer, however it has been cancelled. Really frustrated that I will have to wait even longer, but havent felt this poorly before in my whole entire life & cant wait to be back to normal.

20 eggs collected, 16 fertilized by the next day, all 16 still going strong on day 3. Day 5 have 6 eggs good enough to be frozen, possibly 1/2 more by the end of today, which the doctor said is a very good.result. I have to waif for 2 periods to come along now.....OHSS is awful!!!!

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Hi crystal2013. So sorry to hear that you have had to abandon your current cycle. It is always sad to hear that someone is suffering with OHSS, as it is such a miserable thing to have to endure. However, the most important person at this moment is you. You need to get back to a settled cycle before you carry on. Your stored, frozen embryos will be in safe hands and ready for use as soon as you are able. Nobody likes to have to cope with any kind of delay during IVF/ICSI treatment cycles, but sometimes it can’t be avoided, even with the most careful monitoring. Meanwhile it’s plenty of rest for you and loads of fluids! I do wish you both well with the eventual outcome, but just get “you” better first. Kindest regards Diane


Hi Diane

Thats very kind of you Diane thank you :-) yes indeed I have found bottles of lucozade both still & fizzy to be of benefit! Have you had this?


Hi Crystal2013. As long as you have plenty of fluids whatever kind, if it suits then drink away! A lot of women though, find that “fizzy” drinks can add to their bloated feeling, so I usually advise “still” drinks. Hope you’re feeling better. Kind regards Diane


Well I feel much better now and just started my period so as.soon as.the next period.arrives I.can.start my.scans etc.for.the transfer :-) thank you.x


Hi, I suffered from OHSS and like you i felt awful, really poorly!

I also had embryos frozen and was advised on a 3 month rest from treatment which at the time feels like forever, but was grateful of the rest i felt tons better for this and thoroughly enjoyed my time not thinking IVF.

I'm now 2 weeks into my injections again and back into the routine of it all again. So fingers crossed.

Wishing you lots of luck and enjoy the next few months :)


Hows it going ladies? My period soon arrived, but the strangest thing is that for the first two weeks after this period I had severe mood swings!!! Like a severe case of Pre Menstrual Tension but more like Post Menstrual Tension!!! Can only put it down to the rise and fall of hormones. Anyway, waiting for next period and when it comes I can start scans etc in preparation for my egg transfer. Cant wait x


Hi ladies. What were your symptoms of ohss?! X


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