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10 day scan... IUI Cancelled

Morning ladies.

Just thought I'd share my experience yesterday. Went for my 10 day scan after my 1st try with clomid.

3x big ass follicles on the screen at the US so they won't proceed this month. They allow 2x follicles but no more. They were over 18mm too.

The nurse has advised to not take clomid next time and we'll try again next month.

We were also advised we might want to use contraception for the next few days due to risk of multiples... very strange feeling (fully appreciate the risks but wouldn't mind twins!)

You are basically being told you have 3x chances down there but don't try it!!

Has anyone TTC after IUI being cancelled and been successful?


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Hi Madge9. So disappointing when this happens. However, I don’t want to sound a killjoy, but think about having unprotected sex carefully, twins would be great, but triplets or even more could pose a problem with the pregnancy. Obviously, I do wish you both well with whatever you decide. Diane

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Hi Diane,

Thank you for your reply!

We have had a good chat about it. We are very grateful for the result even if not quite the one we hoped for!

The nurse didn't seem too concerned, probably due to our long history of trying to conceive unsuccessfully (+4 years and have been ovulating as far as we are aware). My last US last year showed a good sized follicle but alas still no pregnancy.

We are hoping for the best whatever happens, thank you =).



Hi Madge9. Thanks for getting back to me. I was pleased to read that you have sorted things out. You've been trying for so long now, so hopefully not too much longer. I will be thinking of you and wish you success. Diane

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Thank you


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