Looking for someone to shine a light

Looking for someone to shine a light

Hey! I'm new here!

Still not realised it accepted I'm on the Ivf journey.

I tried in January but got cancelled when my estridiol levels shot to 7000, apparently the Max is 3000.

Tried again in June, levels 3000. 16 eggs, 15 fertilised, only 4 survived, poor quality. 2 implanted didn't work, the other 2 didn't survive to freeze.

This time, same again, only been injecting 200 Gonal daily since Thursday, min 9 follicles each side, already 9-11 mm.

Got to go again on Fri, Mon and looking at the extraction on Wednesday.

Now taking about freezing all if and when get to be embrions@3 days then implanting in about a month to avoid super over stimulation.

Feeling really bloated, period type pains, down, teary and looking for some positivity to continue.

I live overseas so all my appointments involve flying to a nearby island which adds to the stress... Help :(

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  • Hey, I'm pretty new to this too so I know exactly how you are feeling. Have you asked your clinic about reducing the Gonal dose to prevent OHSS? I didn't have that worry as I only had 8 follies(5 left and 3 right) my worry was that I only had 8. I was on 300 dose of Bemfola and the nurse did say that she may need to change it depending on the response. I would definately enquire with them to see if this is possible so you can try for a fresh cycle. Stay positive, I've been teary, bloated and sore since I started. I burst ot crying in the middle of the shops yesterday, ☺how crazy. I'm on my 2ww and driving myself insane.

    Remember you are not on your own. If it comes to a frozen cycle don't worry they have good success rates with FET too.

    Have you thought about accupuncture? I've had 3 sessions and if nothing else it has been really helpful for reducing the stress. Do a bit of research though if you do decidie to have some and find one who understands the fertility process.

    Good Luck. Keep me posted on how it goes Xx

  • Heyi asked about reducing the dose and they said best not to. Don't know why as this is the third time I've had the same issue

    Been doing acupuncture for 3 months if nothing else to help relax

    Good luck!!! I know how hard the 2ww is ;)

  • And I have issues with dosage also. I think I am taking too much. Same every time... 450iu of Menopur. It's never adjusted...

  • Totally get the crying in wierd places ;)

  • Yeah. And me. I ran out of a pub in April, sat in the car because a couple walked in with a baby. It's those type of triggers that you can't control that set me off. Trying my best to avoid such situations now. But it can be tough. I'm in a good place at the moment...

  • Hey, went back today, now confirmed will freeze all after the egg collection on Wednesday.

    Apparently this us my best Upton with the hiper stimulation.

    I'm hoping and praying that the quality is good and my little cool kids can be frozen and survive being warn again to come live in me for 9 months :)

    Now trying to be positive, prepare for the extraction, cure and heal to go for the implant in January after a fab Xmas ;)

    How's you today?!

  • Good luck on Wednesday, Losinghopefast! I started my injections today. So, egg collection in a couple of weeks' time. You relax tomorrow and don't worry about it. But do let us know how you get on. It looks like my first frozen embryo transfer will be in January, also. My embryos are all being frozen on Day 1. So, it may be that some, many or all won't survive... For now, though, I'm feeling good. My strategy will be not to waffle about a transfer in January to those 'in the know' and everyone else. That way, I won't have to explain any disappointments in the eventuality. So, yes, I am hoping to let my hair down at Christmas a little... I'll face the music later ;) ...it's procrastination, really.

  • Ahhh thanks so much. Good luck with your injections. I did my last one tonight ;)

    Fingers and toes crossed for you toooo

  • Hello

    Although it's disappointing if your transfer is delayed due to the risk of OHSS you want to make sure you give yourself the best chance of it working and you need to look after yourself too.

    Good luck x

  • Hey definitely freezing all. Fingers crossed the quality us good and the can be frozen :)

  • I had my first failed attempt in January and was devastated after it. So, decided to have three further goes in quick succession, freezing along the way. This has (so far) enabled me to avoid failed transfer disappointment... however, I know I will have to face this soon. My final (if it is final) attempt is now. But, I am freezing. Is say 'if' because should I win the lottery, I might opt for more treatments. But, I really do need to win the lottery now... there is nothing left. You're not alone. There are plenty of us out there. :)

  • :)

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