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Hi girls,

So in waiting for my period so I can start IVF, I was meant to be due on last week but still haven't come on, it's impossible for me to be pregnant, just very unusual because I'm never late. I'm worried that the clinic may forget about me:(. I can't sleep just thinking. I don't know why I haven't come on:(. Feeling like nothing's going right. Sorry for the negative post just wondering on what I should do:(. Thanks in advance.

Leanne xxxx

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  • I am sure the clinic won't forget about you, I know you say you can't get pregnant & also you are never late so is it worth doing a test just in case and to put your mind at rest? The stress may be affecting your period xxxx

  • Iv done one just incase so iv ruled that out I think your right I think it's all the stress iv put myself under just getting myself worked up about it. Booked time off work to spend time with the other half so fingers crossed it comes!. Thank you for replying xxx

  • I am never late and I was a week late when starting treatment as well. Just try and relax and it will come.

  • My minds obsessed with it at the moment so going to try and relax and hopefully it will come. Thank you x

  • Stress really doesn't help, I've read the same thing from several ladies on here that their periods are later than usual. Always the way when you are waiting for it!

    I actually went on holiday before my IVF treatment and was so relaxed it came four days early! So I really do think stress is a factor, it's very difficult but try to relax and keep yourself busy.

    Good luck x

  • I know well this morning started my periods, rang the clinic and they have said there's no room for me now this month so have to try again next month!. Fuming!. Not nice at all. Always something on this journey!

    Thanks ladies:)


  • Oh no that's terrible & very annoying indeed 😑 Xxx

  • I know!. They don't warn you of things like this I was told there's no waiting and il definitely get seen to, now they don't know when il start 😒 Xxx

  • A www honey I was thee too on long protocol and waiting for the bleed was thinking I may be pregnant and the poof he it is half happy half sad just wanted to be the lucky one that got pregnant before I paid out loads of money guess it not meant to be that way.

    Relax and don't stress, do something nice for yourself and partner I bet it will come xxx

  • Thankyou, I was the same tbh even tho I knew it was almost impossible, I came on this morning but hospital are making me wait another month because they can't fit me in πŸ˜•, seems to be one thing after another, booked a couple week off work so I'm off away for the weekend next week spa day and hotel with the partner, much needed!. Thanks again for replying,


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