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Just needing a chat

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Just wondering if anyone has been through the same thing, I'm basically just needing a chat with someone other then family a d friends, I had my second round of icsi 27th November and got my blood results last Monday that were not positive and not negative and have to wait till Monday coming to test again, I started to get brown discharge on the Tuesday stopped yesterday so got my hopes up thinking I've had a late implantation, got myself excited, woke up this morning to red blood so my period finally arrived and I feel terrible, my partner is at work and I'm feeling so depressed and so down and just wanting a chat with someone to help cheer me up, xxx

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Aw Hun I really feel for you. You're not alone. I had a bfn this week and just waiting for af to arrive. Yesterday was one of my darkest days.

Take care of yourself. Feel free to pm me anytime. X

You’re definitely not alone this happened to me during my 3rd cycle I had to continue the meds for 2 weeks past OTD until I finally said to them I couldn’t carry on in this limbo anymore and I’d accepted it hadn’t worked.

Allow yourself to go through the emotions, it’s so cruel when our bodies play even more tricks on us. PM if you want to, I’m always up for a chat xx

So sorry to hear this. This happened with my first 2 cycles so I completely understand where your head is at, it’s awful.

I hope on Monday you’ll get a final answer that will stop you from being in limbo, it’s the worst.

Thinking of you xxx

Sorry to hear that hun I totally understand where your coming from I say wait till u get your blood results back n go from there

Awww I’m so sorry to hear this x Keep strong and believing! X

It’s a really tough journey and thou we try to stay strong it’s draining, try not to stress to much and take care of urself remember lots of us r in the same boat xx

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