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Hycosy next month

Hi everyone. We've been TTC for 16 months and I have a HyCosy scheduled for 3rd November. I lost my right ovary & tube last year and had very intrusive abdominal surgery after carrying around a 12lb cyst the size of a watermelon for 2 months so I feel like there's a strong possibility my one remaining tube is damaged. Firstly, has anyone on here had a hycosy and if so, do you have any advice on what I should expect? Secondly, does anyone have any advice on how I can prepare for bad news? At the moment I'm just feeling a bit scared. Thank you xx

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Hello Magicnumber, I've had this done and it seems a fairly routine procedure when investigating fertility problems. It's very straightforward and will be a breeze compared to the ordeal it sounds like you've already been through!

I would say a Hycosy is comparable to having a smear test. However, it lasts a bit longer as they will insert a catheter and some dye which should hopefully run through your remaining tube to show that it is clear. It's a little uncomfortable so I was advised to take 2 ibuprofen before. They use and internal scan to see if the dye has gone through so you can see the result straight away.

I was terrified before my Hycosy as I had convinced myself this must be the route of our problems but, in the end, it was fine. Hopefully there will be no damage to your remaining tube but if there is then allow yourself some time to terms with that. It's awful when you realise that it's unlikely you will conceive naturally and it does take time to process the feelings that go alongside that. Remember it is by no means the end of the road. Sometimes they are able to unblock the tube and if not, then you still have options inc IVF.

If you're struggling emotionally (infertility can be incredibly difficult to deal with) then counselling is a good way to work through your feelings. It helped me enormously through a really terrible phase of our journey and I am so grateful to have had such a good counsellor to help me through.

Good luck! I hope it goes well on the 3rd x


Thank you so much for your reply, this is really useful info. I think putting it in perspective of my op is a good idea! Can't be that bad :) thank again so much for taking the time xx

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I was worried but it was fine. I too took ibuprofen beforehand but I didn't need it. It was over very quickly and uncomfortable rather than painful.

I got to see the X-ray straightaway as well as a take home copy! The worst bit was paying for it.

It's a standard procedure for infertility investigations. And it may show damage due to your previous history so IVF might be suggested. I felt really shocked when we were told we needed ICSI. Like Hopeful1982 says allow yourself time to process the results and plan to go forwards.

Good luck.


Thank you. I think you're right, we'll need to just give ourselves time either way to process the results. Thanks for this info, it's really helpful xx


It's such a journey trying to get to the point of knowing the reasons why.

You've conquered lots so far...it's not fair that you are still having to endure more possible heartache!

I had a Hycosy for my pre IVF checks.

I'd say I've got quite a high pain threshold, but for me, this was the most painful experience ever and that was with taking some pain killers before.

The part that got me was the catheter insertion, but I know for ladies that have totally blocked tubes it can be painful too.

Having said all of that, you have to think that each person is different and the experience of the medical consultant carrying it out is different.

I'd had a previous colposcopy + biopsies, so whether that caused scar tissue, creating difficulties....

When I had EC, I was under general, but they didn't report any issues and when it got to transfer day I was worried about the same process taking place, but it was absolutely fine..the consultant said the catheter for transfer is a lot more flexible and thinner.

I'm not trying to make you feel worse..lots of people have experienced totally fine ones. You've been through so much, this will probably feel like a breeze to you!!

Try not to worry about what could be, you can drive yourself mental!!



Thank you so much for your honesty - I want to be prepared for the worst! I guess everyone is different and I'll just have to wait and see. Thank you again xx


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