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Menopour 300


just want to pick all your brains :)

Im on day 3 of nasal spray..... ok so far no symptoms apart from crying at the end episode of Wentworth Prison last night????

I have a blood test on 16th October and then inject with Menopour that night all being well.

What I want to ask is with my low ovarian reserve (scan before treatment showed only 4 follies and AMH 2.2) they are putting me on 300iu is this normal? i was told this was full wack and as high as they will go but I have read other people have a lot higher amount? will it make a difference? I have been told they will be expecting about 3/4 eggs out of me that im a little upset with but as i keep being told its quality not quantity..... xx

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I was on 300iu of Menopur for both 1st and 2nd rounds. They might reduce or increase the amount after scans. My clinic said initially they would drop it down a few days before EC but it was kept the same. We all respond differently, first round I had 13 eggs second time only 2 so 3-4 eggs sounds good to me.

Good luck!


On my first round of ICSI I was prescribed 300iu Menopur and had 6 eggs retrieved at egg collection, but unfortunately all failed to fertilise and degenerated during the ICSI procedure. This was our one attempt on the NHS used up.

On my second attempt (self funding), I was prescribed 450iu Menopur, which is the maximum they'll do. We were advised that the extra dosage may have only produced one extra egg. I was lucky that 4 eggs were collected and all fertilised. Two were good enough to be transferred back but unfortunately didn't implant.

I'm hoping to start my third and final attempt in the next few weeks and will have the maximum dose again.

We were ecstatic at getting 4 eggs collected given all the stats and to have all 4 fertilised was a momentous occasion taking into account our first failure! It truly is down to quality and not quantity. It's also appears to be a lottery on the outcome too. I struggle to get my head around the fact that the top quality eggs are 'hand picked'and the best sperm is 'hand picked' for the ICSI procedure, and along with extra meds, taking care of myself, acupuncture, being positive, etc....it still failed. But, I'll still go through it all again for one more time! 😉

Good luck with your journey x


Hi I had my collection on Friday and i am really disappointed with my results. I have a AMH of 7.6 (according to my blood test, but i have heard they can vary). I didn't do the spray and went straight onto Menopur 300. My scans were showing that there was no activity in my left ovary and my right had produced 6. I asked at the time could they increase my dosage, but i was told no. Luckily 5 of my 6 eggs were usable.

Straight after the procedure the consultant came in and recommended that i do another round of treatment with a higher dose. This leads me to believe that i could have gone higher from the start and had a better result.


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