So close

Hello everyone,

Been reading some nice stories on here and praying for those who are struggling at the moment.

Update on me: I'm currently waiting for my next period to start short protocol IVF, should be around 16th October, both excited and scared.

Heard a lot about aspirin and how much it helps, anyone tried this through IVF? What are your views?

Thanks in advance, xxxx

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  • Hi little miss 93 just to say good luck and when I asked my clinician after chemical pregnancy about baby aspirin.. he said don't recommend it at all as it could harm baby ... seen many clinics do it tho.. I am in Glasgow best rated private one xx

  • Yeah been reading loads that they do it but I'm unsure, if it's going to affect my chance then it's a no go,. Thanks for replying xxx

  • Ive been told to take aspirin at a set time during it all x

  • Oh great hope it works!. I have another appointment tomorrow I'm going to ask about it,. X

  • Has your clinic recommended it? My clinic did on this round of icsi after the first one ended in a missed miscarriage. Have made it further in this pregnancy currently 9 weeks and keeping everything crossed. Good luck x

  • No not recommended it but I also had a miscarriage back in May and just wondering if I should take it, if it helps I'm willing to try everything but I don't want it to have a bad affect on me. Congratulations!. I'm sure everything will go well for you, glad it worked for you:)), xxx

  • I wasn't recommended it through 2 cycles then was told to take it by one consultant then another no harm done until 3 months about to embark on last final cycle xx

  • Okay thanks for replying, I think I'm going to as most nurses have said to me also it doesn't harm the embryo, good luck on your cycle! Xxx

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