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So here goes...🤞🏼☺️

Today we made it all official, signed for the next stage of operation baby Jones 👶🏼🤞🏼... ICSI!

We are so excited but the nerves are starting to kick in 🙈

We've ended up part of the IVF family due to being unsuccessful in trying to concieve for the past 5 years... investigations have shown that the OH levels are low and lazy 😂 However with another internal scan today it has shown up that one of my ovaries are polycystic (I found this very hard to hear, as up until now all investigations with myself have all been in a positive light, to say took me by surprise at the least) We were also made aware today that my right ovary is sat quite far back and may cause complications further down the line such as at egg collection- but we are staying on the positive side because we've always got the left 🤞🏼

We've been advised for the short course treatment, and start date for the 5th of June ☺️

We are the first in our families and friendship group to have IVF, so whilst they are supportive I'm hoping to lean a little on you lovely people at different stages... please🙂

Sending positive vibes to you all ❤️

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We signed our paperwork this morning. Exciting times ahead.

I'm on the short protocol too and should be starting around the 26th of May.

Good luck xxx


Hi ☺️ I know, it's very exciting! Not long to go... wishing you the best of luck too, fingers crossed for dreams come true 🤞🏼X


Welcome to the forum. I'm fairly new to the ivf journey myself having had my first cycle finish in March. Getting ready for the next one now. I'm sure you will get a lot out of the forum and will find inspiration in others' journeys. I certainly do. Despite going through sad times, everyone is so supportive of everyone else which is lovely. I hope your cycle is successful. I'll be starting my injections around 7th June so we could be cycle buddies? Enjoy the last few weeks of no medication. My down regging meds made me a bit bonkers - my memory was useless and it's not great at the best of times. 😂 Take care, Vic x


Hi Vic, thankyou... I have had a little nose on here and have already found it very helpful 😃

Oh waw, yes... cycle buddies, amazing! ☺️☺️ I'm a little unsure what to expect but you're not the first person to say they went a little loopy 🙈 My memory isn't the best either haha!

Wishing you the best of luck with it all, you take care x

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Hi Kjones3. I'm sure you will get loads of support from the ladies here, they're a good lot and know how to support others very well indeed. Try not to worry about using both of your ovaries during IVF, we have lots of "awkward ones" even some known a "kissing ovaries" that are hiding right behind the womb! Fingers crossed for the cycle, and I shall be thinking of you. Diane


Hi Diane, thankyou for your kind words! I am feeling less upset today, and continuing to live by the moto of what will be will be ☺️ Take care x


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