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Finally some help!

Today we met with our consultant after having a bit of a moan after our last visit! He went through all our details and my surgery from earlier this year. I had a previous surgery 5 years ago to remove a cyst turns out quite a bit was taken away so I only have a pea sized right ovary which I had never been told about! But we discussed IVF and we will be given on round funded through the NHS so today we took the first step and signed the funding form. We will then need to go to Oxford to sign the next lot of paperwork and then we can get started. We are going on Honeymoom in Nov so we have thought that perhaps waiting till Dec so I don't think it's wise to start now! It would be good to understand from you all how you coped with the first part of the stage and how you balanced work with everything else! I am really pleased with getting to this stage and it goes to show you have to fight for what you want and who you want to be seen by as its your care and the NHS provide us with a service!!x

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Hi Emmaday28, Good news that you get funded. Does that mean you are top of the waiting list atm or do you have to wait on the NHS list in your area first? If it just means you're on the waiting list then I would get the ball rolling now as they may still have to send you for a series of blood tests, weight, scans sperm tests etc before you get to do the IVF cycle. My NHS were so slow, but just ask your consultant what tests will be required first and also if you are still on a waiting list or not?

I doubt they will be ready to send you through an IVF/ICSI cycle right away so you will be fine going away in Nov.

It's only when you get to the actual cycle that you will need time off work for Egg Collection and then for Embryo Transfer. Leading up to that part you will do meds injections for at least a couple of weeks to stim the eggs.

Best wishes for it all, xxx


He said there are no waiting lists as such it's just the paperwork to be done. We have had blood/sperm tests already so once we have been to the clinic to complete the paperwork and all is confirmed we get to choose when to start as it coincides with my period we get to choose the month. We watched a really useful video on YouTube that my consultant suggested to watch as it's the clinic we will up to which is the Oxford fertility clinic it's worth a watch for anyone new to the process!xx


Hi Emmaday28. Just wanted to wish you both well with all of this. Great to hear that your funding has been approved and that it won’t be long before you can get cracking! Good idea to have your honeymoon beforehand, so that you will be relaxed and ready to go. Don’t worry about the “pea-sized” ovary, we can still use that too! Good luck! Diane

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