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Confused about treatment schedule


I'm confused about my treatment schedule. I'm due to commence ICSI IVF treatment but I don't understand how long the whole process will take. My appointment with the nurse about my drug regime is on 6th oct but I feel I need the ball park timings to manage my expectations a bit. I know i need to begin taking a contraceptive pill on the 1st day of my next cycle which should fall around the 10th of October - beyond this I haven't been give any information. Can anyone give some guidance about what to expect?


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Hi, my treatment sounds a little different to yours (no contraceptive pill). I had my first apply with fertility clinic on 4th June (fertility investigations started in Jan/ Feb), I am going in for embryo transfer today! Not sure if it helps but that's been my timeline x


I didn't have the contraceptive either, but had first appointment in August then started first meds on the 20th day of my cycle (end of August). Have my egg collection tomorrow and also IVF and ICSI. Expect transfer next week then 2ww. Good luck! X



I had to take a nasal spray to down regulate rather than the pill. I started the nasal spray on day 21 of my cycle. From starting the spray to my OTD was exactly 7 weeks.

Good luck! x


Hi Erland. Try not to worry about this too much, as you only have to wait 3 weeks before the fertility nurse will explain the whole cycle with you and about your drugs. All clinics work in different ways, so it is difficult to say exactly what will happen. They will look after you, so I do wish you well with the cycle and hope for a positive result. Diane


Hi Erland, the cycle I just had involved having the pill starting on day 1st day of my cycle. I then came off it day 26 so I could start my next cycle on day 28. I then started the stims on day 2 of that cycle. I then had Egg Recovery on cycle day 14. I would expect you to follow a similar pattern so egg recovery will be 6weeks after you start the pill. Good luck and don't be worried about asking loads of questions when you go for your appointment!


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