worries about the treatment abroad

Hi! I know that on this forum there are already a lot of you who have been through ivf treatment. But I do not know whether there are people who have been into a clinic abroad. And I would like to ask if it is safe to go abroad for ivf, if for example I can’t get the treatment here because of reasons? How many of you have gotten your bfp while going internationally?

I’m afraid that it is not the common question to ask here but I am really interested in getting my treatment in the international clinic and would like to understand the process and even the legislation behind all of this.


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  • Hello. There are many women who have been to international clinics and you did right when wrote here. I guess you have to be more detailed in your question. Is it safe? Yes, I guess, it’s as safe as anywhere. It can be harder to achieve because of all the flights and everything but it’s like travelling, for me at least my tx was like some kind of a medical tourism. But I guess it depends..

  • I am opting for simple ivf treatment but with donor’s egg. Really? Is that that hard to manage the appt considering you are living in another country? Because if it is, how do people manage to fly over there and yet to be on time with all of their work and everything. It seems so fast and it leaves no time for the reflection. And what if you do not catch the flight what then?

    Where did you get your tx?

  • Hi! Nice to meet you here! I suppose you do not want to share with us your condition but it is really important if you have questions about the legislation. Because in every country the law system is obviously different and for each treatment the clinics have different terms. And for the process it is very generic I think, you contact the clinic you want to sign with and you manage the first appointment. They fly to the country where the clinic is situated and get the treatment. As easy as it sounds.

  • Hello. Thanks for you welcoming! Uhm, I thought that it was not that necessary.. I just think that I had to specify that I am opting for ivf and that’s all. I am interested about the legislation thing when you are getting your ivf done. How is it going? I mean, what do I have to sign before the start of the treatment? So, if I am opting for ivf I have to check how it is covered by the law of the country I am flying to? And how can that be, that the process is pretty much the same in every clinic?

  • I did not say that it is the same everywhere you go but it definitely has a lot in common when it comes to the tx. If talking specifically about ivf it is much easier to conduct than surrogacy. why? Because when it comes to surrogacy in a lot of countries you will have to obey to numerous rules (like the one when you have to be married in some countries in order to be accepted into the tx). But for ivf at least from what I know you just have to come to the country, sign the contract and then after some stimulation you will get through embryo transfer and then fly back home. If you get bfp on the 12 week (if nothing happens to your embryo I mean) the tx will be considered as the successful one. At least that was like that in my clinic.

  • Yes, please, could you specify the kind of the tx you are going to get so we can understand if we can help you with details or not. I just hope that it is nothing serious and you are just as many of us going for ivf oe or de and that’s it. Have you seen the posts on the forum where women are getting the advices on the tx abroad? There are a lot and you can read about the experiences and how the tx was provided for them. That helped me a lot..

  • I will be getting ivf with de. It’s simple like this but I do not know much about law systems and everything and what will I have to do when it comes to flying to the country where the clinic is? I mean.. I haven’t actually browse the forum yet but there are nothing on the main page of the community at least I haven’t seen anything useful. I mean the titles are already saying that the thread won’t touch this issues at all..

  • What is so dangerous about travelling abroad for the tx?

    As it’s been said already it can be compared to the medical tourism. As for example in my clinic it’s been like that.

    But I have to admit that you are right about worrying about how things may go for you in the clinic.

    But it’s up to you to make sure that the tx will be provided professionally and without any problem.

    I am curious what kind of tx you are opting for.

  • IVF DE. I am sorry I did not specify this in the main message as everyone’s been asking me this. And I must say that this did not seem too important for me though now I agree with the majority of you that this kind of the information does leave great impact on the answers. Yes, I know that it is my responsibility to find the suitable and decent clinic but I had to ask. Thanks.

  • I am not against women who fly at the other end of the world for the tx and get it there but for me it is definitely better to stick with my own country at least because if something does not go right I’ll have the law on my side. I am not saying that getting the ta abroad is almost like falling into the hole of the frauds and everything like that but it is true that there are clinics that will charge you for example of course with more money than you thought you will be paying. You can find on the internet reviews, numerous reviews about clinics where you will get disappointed with everything.

  • Yes, I can agree with you and all your words but I will have to point out that it is not like the person’s fault when something like this happens but you have to do a research before signing with the clinic. It’s not like you will be completely safe in your own country as you say that the law is on your side. But first of all, you are admitting that no matter where you can get tricked, second of all, when you are about to get the treatment in the fertility center abroad you will be signing the contract and to make sure you are safe you are able to consult with your lawyer. And smart people or those who do not want to lose their money are doing so.

  • Hi! Thanks for replying! Your comment actually makes sense and it can be dangerous anywhere but when you are not protected be the law you definitely will get more chances to be fooled or something? Will the contract be at help if something happens? I mean it has some validity, hasn’t it? Are there any possibility to look at the contract before even signing the contract?

  • What if someone can’t get the tx in his own country because of the money issue. I am free with my work and can fly anywhere I want to but if it is that unsafe as you are implying it to be.. I mean not like you’ll get killed or anything but when you are saying that there are so many clinic where you will be charged more money than you were meaning to pay and if it is a common thing..

  • Hi just have to respond that the clinic I chose had no hidden costs. They spoke excellent English and everything was very clear. Local laws will be things such as, they wont treat same sex couples or the couple must be married, or certain STD test results must be provide before they agree to treatment.

    If you start to speak too a clinic and they are clear and forthcoming with information then next step is to go see it in person before deciding if its the right one for you.

  • Hi, myself I know a few ladies who have undergone ivf treatment in Poland Gdansk and Czech rep and fell pregnant. Overseas clinics that treat international patients get international accreditation and certification as any clinic in the UK or the US, most of overseas clinics are members of ESHRE. I have read eg that a lab of Polish best invitro clinic in Gdansk is among ten clinics in the world that has been certified by UK NEQAS and EMQN (genetic testing). If you want to find more about ivf woth de treatment at overseas clinics I highly recommend you visiting fertilityfriends, particularly the international boards and de forums.

    Good luck with yr treatment.

  • Hi as a few others have said going abroad is safe but do your research as to whether it feels right for you. I went to Czech republic & while there met a few ladies who were getting DE (I used my own) - my treatment didnt work but that was due to male sperm factor. One of the ladies I met is due her twins any day now! Going to DE is much less stressful than using your own. The ladies having DE were there for about 5-7 days, I had to be there for over 3 weeks.

    A week in another country can be relaxing if you see it as a holiday where you go home knocked up (how lucky we'd be if we could do that eu'natural). I enjoyed my 3 weeks as i did alot of travelling to other countries. Id go again if having DE but not if using my own.

    Good luck x

  • I'm going to Spain for my de treatment, and have a short list of 3 clinics at the moment. All have great reviews and results. The laws in Spain ensure all donor eggs are completely anonymous, this is something you will need to decide if that's right for you. U.K. Laws are different. You need to do your research.

    Go to eggdonationfriends.com

    Brilliant website where you can download brochures per country to view individual clinic's performance .

    Good luck xx

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