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Hi ladies

It's my first time posting in here and have been reading the posts the last few weeks which has been helping me.

I found out in June I have a very low amh and my fsh is at 22. I am 35 & been married 2 years. I have started making changes, cut/ limit alcohol, change diet, eat soooo many vitamins inc dhea, started acupuncture, read books on egg quality, replace plastics with glass and all the time I am thinking what's the point? I can't seem to be positive about it. All I can think is what if it never happens for me? I was told that ivf is not an option, I have gone for a second opinion and she has said it could be but I need to be aware that I may not make egg collection.

How do you all keep hope? Just wanted to talk to others that understand.

Thanks for reading.x

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Hi Angela,

Have you considered using donor eggs? Although my AMH, fsh are all fine we've tried 2 cycles of ICSI with my eggs. Due to my age (42) and the failed cycles and miscarriages from natural conceptions we're using donor egg sharing eggs for our third and final go. It's a lot to get your head round but it will give us a much better chance of getting a BFP.


Don't dispair my amh was only 0.57.. That bad we got refused at St Marys in Manchester despite having funding. We went private and I responded well. I now have a 4 month little boy

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Thanks ladies for your responses. My amh is 0.8, so to hear it still can happen is great 😀

I'm not ready to accept donor eggs as an option just yet, i still think I'm in denial or shock. I just need to know I tried everything I could first even though I am finding it difficult to remain positive.

Thanks. Xxxx


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