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Hi Everyone, I am 40, this was my second round of IVF, I only had 2 follicles, and they only retrieved one egg on 18 Nov, I cried all the way home, and all my sister kept reminding me was it only takes one so there is hope but it fertilised and I had a transfer on day 2, it was a 4 cell grade 1-2 embryo. I did my blue clear this morning and it was a BFP. As all my friends and family kept reminding me it only takes one. Lots of baby dust to everyone.xx

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  • I am so happy for you, Pammi912. I am 40 as well with low AMH. I start down regs on the 10th of Dec. I feel a lot more hopeful... You only need one. That's going to be my mantra! Thank you for sharing your news.

  • Many congratulations!!!!

  • Thank you, both, I wish you lots of luck in your cycle, just take a day at a time, and take the positive from all the scans and results. xx

  • Awww Pammi912 this is lovely news! I'm only at the start of our investigations and finding it hard but im going to keep you in mind and stay positive. Thank you for reminding me that it does only take one xx

  • So happy for you x I am only at the stage of just found out that ivf is the next step x feeling scared x but yoir positive post has helped me x many thanks

  • Congratulations pammie, that's fab news. I've also recently done my clearblue test and had a BFP :-) we only ended up with two embryos and had one u said it only takes one. I'm so happy for you xxx

  • That's just fantastic news. You have given us all hope xx. Delighted for you.

  • Thanks so much for sharing this positive story - I'm so happy for you. Like some of the others I have only just started and hoping to cycle in Jan so to hear this it wonderful :-) xxx

  • I was the same - only one ovary - ended up with only 2 viable embryos - now pregnant with twins .... So you just never know - never give up hope even if you don't end up with many eggs at the end of the cycle

  • Hi Pammi912,

    Great news! Congratulations!!!!!! I am going for my egg collection tomorrow morning and like you I have only 2 follicles so scared.... It is my first attempt at ivf but i will keep you in mind and try to think positive especially as i feel so alone with it

  • What a lovely end to your story. So pleased to hear that you got your dream. Me and my partner have been trying for 3 years and we went for help. I am not releseing eggs and his sperm was low. He was told the take well man for 3 months and we need to go back in January. I really hope they work. Oh what a wait we been through a lot this year I'm glad 2013 is nearly over. Xxxxxx

  • :-) Congratulations x

  • Hi All,

    Many thanks for all your wishes, and I sincerely wish you all the best in your journeys. and wait to hear about your BFPs. xx

  • Congratulations on your amazing news.. Gives me hope xx

  • Many congratulations to you. That's fab news. We are going for icsi again next year. I've either got low reserves or very sluggish at producing eggs. I had four foliciles and produced ten eggs six of which were crap. I'll be on pretty much the highest stimulating drug from the start. I'm going to try to take some of your positive vibes with me next year. Congratulations again. Very exciting 2014 for you. :-)

  • Wishing u both the very best. Lots oh baby dust. X

    Ps I drank about a litre a day of pineapple juice a day , had read somewhere it helps also ate Brazil nuts for same reason , don't know if it helped, but I felt I was doing something positive. Xx

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