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Confused but hopeful

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Hi everyone hope your all doing well. I'm currently in my 2ww and my test date is 7june (next Tue) I'm currently 10dp3dt. I was wondering how late people got their bfp? The reason I ask is because I have been naughty and been testing daily since 7dp3dt (silly I know but I'm a serial tester) on our last try at Xmas time a first response showed up faint on day 7 and very clear positive by day 9, that cycle ended in miscarriage unfortunately.

This time I have tested since day 7 and all first response tests which have been completely negative not even a whisp of a line. I really thought we were out as completely negative yesterday on day 9. day 10 I have a little hope (I think) I believe there may be something there, at first I thought it was just the liquid passing but it was still there after 3min, i literally have to squint under the light but I'm sure there was, so I did a cheaper test (brand out of savers that looks just like a first response stick) and the same exact thing has happened. Both tests upto yesterday were completely blank. This can't be a coincidence.

I did both tests at 7:30am, I was wondering if there's any chance of getting a clearer outcome this afternoon if I was to retest? I don't think I could wait another day lol.

Sorry for waffling on a bit, just honestly thought we were out then this has given me a little hope. Hoping for a late implanter as its our 7th attempt and no more embryos frozen. Thanks xxx πŸ’—

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Hi there, the 2ww drives everyone nuts doesn't it? I honestly don't know how people manage this 3, 4 or more times! I think the tests are more accurate in the morning as the HCG level is at its highest then so it's probably a waste of a test doing it this afternoon but I'm not going to lie, if it makes you feel ether just do it because I would if I wanted to haha you just might get a negative and then be disheartened again.

Can I ask if you have any symptoms of anything? I have none. Nothing at all and it's made me very sad. Today my stomach isn't as swollen, my boobs aren't sore anymore, I've had no cramps/spotting of any kind. I'm 7dp2dt and have to wait til 16dpt to test. Such a cruel system sometimes. Sigh! Oh well that's my little moan for the day sorry to hijack your thread!! Haha x

Ersky13 in reply to MommaBear16

Hi MommaBear16 - I am now 8dp5dt, and I don't really feel any different- no real symptoms of anything, which is really weird. I'm not bloated, my boobs don't hurt, I don't have PMT... all very strange. I had a couple of twinges on day 4, and thought maybe I was starting my period, but nothing- no spotting or anything.

It's so hard, this 2ww. The not knowing. Nothing being certain. And I think it is extra difficult when people have different experiences and symptoms, so we can't say 'well I had that symptom, so it definitely means that'.

Try not to lose heart and feel sad, although I know it's easy to say. I am taking comfort from the fact that the clinic would not have gone ahead with transfer unless my womb was perfect- knowing that, we all should have the best chance possible.

Take care


Flossy85 in reply to MommaBear16

Hi thanks for replying. I always say I'm going to keep calm and relaxed and not test but everytime I cave. It's like an addiction lol. I always just like to kind of know so I can prepare myself for 0TD. I might wait until tomorrow morning and do another first response, at least I have a lil hope now.

Symptom wise I had sore Boobs and cramping between days 2-5 with bloating and then nothing at all. Since yesterday tho iv been having very dark brown spotting only every now and then when I wipe, and have had a really bad belly today as well as lower back pain on the left (I got this at Xmas too when I finally got a positive so I'm hoping it's a good sign) my Boobs are back to being a little tender today too, nothing like as sore as they were. A lot of the symptoms were the same tho with my negatives and with my positive so I think the progesterone is probably causing the symptoms. It's only the bad belly/lower left back pain that's ever been different.

Hoping for a good outcome, fingers crossed for you too I hope it's good news all round xxx

Aww my test date is also next Tuesday, but I have resisted the urge to test so far :) Like MommaBear16 says, I think it is better to test first thing, but if you feel happier doing it more often at different times, I don't think there's any harm in that, as long as you take care not to put too much focus on the early tests- it's the one on Tuesday that counts, right?

Can't imagine how you feel on the 7th attempt- I wish you all the luck in the world. Be kind to yourself and take care.


Flossy85 in reply to Ersky13

You are so strong not to test, I always cave. If you can hold out until 0TD I would as testing drives me insane, I'm so silly lol. Everytime the same tho ha.

I think I am going to take the good advice and wait until tomorrow morning and test with fmu.

It's certainly been a rollercoaster through all the attempts but we just have to remain hopeful and keep going. Thankyou fingers crossed for us all, wishing you luck also . Great to have a 2ww buddy :) xx

Hiya love, I tested throughout and it made me feel better in the end lol. I tested from about 8 or 9 days after transfer and my OTD was 11 days. I am currently 5wks and 3days but pregnancy still not confirmed because I was bleeding so got to wait until my 6week scan next week to confirm. I don't have any symptoms of being pregnant either so I wouldn't worry about symptoms as it's still early days. I Fingers crossed you will get a positive result x

Flossy85 in reply to Tara2016

Hi thanks :) I'm the same everytime I always end up doing the one test quite early and then it spirals and I 'have' to do one each day lol. At least today's test has given me a bit of hope again.

Congratulations on your positive that's amazing news, does your clinic not do beta blood tests? So is your scan next week? I will keep my fingers crossed for a happy healthy pregnancy for you xxx πŸ’—

Tara2016 in reply to Flossy85

Lol yes I was a serial tester and I took pictures of each one. No unfortunately they don't do the beta so just gotta wait. Thank you all my fingers and toes are crossed for my scan :)

I have to test 10 days after, currently i am on day 7dp5dt. I am all over the place if I am honest. We had 21 eggs out with 9 goodies however only 1 made it to day 5. I am trying to remain positive and i keep telling myself it only takes the 1. I am going wait to day 10, I don't think i will be able to look at the results.

Good luck

Hi Flossy... I tested 12dp3dt and got my first ever BFP on 23rd Dec. I was too scared to test any earlier as with previous transfers every hpt had been negative. My OTD was Xmas eve and the pregnancy was confirmed by my clinic. The only symptoms I had with my bfp was feeling unbelievably hot and cramp in my lower leg. Wishing you all the luck in the world 😘 x x

Wish you luck! I found this chart when I was on my 2ww, thought you might like to see it too:

How many days post 5 day transfer did you get your BFP?





8dp5dt or later55

Sending love hope and best wishes to all you very brave ladies. I admire you all, my daughter has gone through such a lot on her Ivf journey, and still is, I am so proud of her strength, and am sure here positive attitude will help to bring her miracle one day. Keep strong

Hello, dear Flossy85! What an emotional roller coaster you're going through!! I know this well myself. But for lots of reasons they insist on NOT testing too early. For some couples this is 14 days period, for others even longer. We just have to survive it somehow. Anyway your story sounds still inspiring, I truly believe the game is going on in your case. And that sort of the coincidence may have happened to you. I'll be prying for this 7th att will be your rainbow, hun. Keep my fingers and every bone of my body crossed for your success as God must help people struggling nice purposes!! X

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