Well I was up at the crack of dawn this morning to do that dreaded test. I suppose deep down I knew I wasn't pregnant as I didn't "feel" it. However seeing only 1 line was horrendous, I'm just questioning now everything I've done in the past 2 weeks which could have contributed to it.

I'm an emotional wreck at the moment and the thought of returning to work where's there at least 3 people heavily pregnant is just killing me.

Good luck to everyone on here xxx

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  • So sorry to hear your test was negative, massive hugs ❀ do you have to go to the clinic to get a blood test? Please don't blame yourself, I know its natural but its not your fault sometimes they just don't stick.xx

  • Thank you. No I don't they've just told me make a follow up apt when I feel up to it. Xx

  • Big hugs, life is so cruel. Look after yourself during this difficult time x

  • Sorry for your BFN, you naturally do but try not to blame yourself thinking was it this I did or didn't gave it everything. Hope you've got some time off to grieve before you go back to work as that will be tough xxx

  • I'm so sorry to hear that it wasn't a positive result for you this time! Thinking about you at this time! Don't blame yourself! I hope you be kind to yourself during this time! xx

  • So sorry about negative result for you this time. Please don't blame yourself . it's just sometimes they don't work. Thinking of you and hope you will take care of yourself.

  • Really sorry to hear it was negative. It seems such a lottery and there's nothing you can do about it. Take time to grieve your loss, if needs be take time off work your GP could sign you off if you need a bit longer to recover.

  • Hello Boothy1883, I am sorry to hear this. As the others have said it won't be due to anything you did/didn't do. Sometimes life it just so very unfair and there's no other explanation.

    Take care of yourself x

  • Hi Boothy1883, Really sorry to hear, I had the same experience about a month ago. It is devastating so do cry as much as you want and give yourself licence to grieve. I had a week off after it all and we went away, that really did help us to accept and end that chapter and then start to be positive again.

    Honestly there is nothing you could have done, there is no point blaming yourself. Take care of each other and take time to do something other than the IVF journey, it will still be there when you return to it. I headed to the pub and enjoyed some nights out with friends who I hadn't seen socially for ages. In fact they thought I was depressed or something as I had avoided nights out for so long. I basically gave myself afew weeks off to do some "normal" stuff without beating myself up about food & drinks. Kept me sane and reminded me I was still a person with a lot of great things and people in my life.

    Take care, xxx

  • Thank you. I'm sorry to hear you had the same. You try prepare yourself for the worst but it's still devastating if it happens. Thank you for your advice. My OH is very good and also said to enjoy doing normal stuff for a couple of months so we've had a day of retail therapy, lunch and drinking and I managed feel normal for a few hours! xx

  • Really sorry to hear that know exactly how u feel we got test for same day.. I didt feel pregnant and I took many tests and all of them we're negative so went for that test sad and broken already.. plus I was bleeding from yesterday x another same thing is my pregnant colleague I was off work whole cycle coz it's stresfull and heavy lifting and all that and I will have to go back to do all bad work while my pregnant friend is just doing till work. Really thinking about looking for new job as stress levels are sky high there xx this can't be good if u want baby xx u need relaxed body and mind x my thoughts are with u and hope u have at least same great partner who supports u and even if u are not blessed with baby us got nice relationship x I got about 3 hours yet to get that call and wish they just didn't bother at all xx

  • Im so sorry to hear that Hun and having to wait for the call must be even worse. Work must be terrible having to deal with supporting your pregnant colleague, sometimes life is just plain unfair! I wish you all the best and it will happen for both if us at some point I'm sure xx

  • So sorry Hun. Take care. Lots and lots of love. Xxx

  • Aww hun life is so cruel sending u big hugs xxxxxx

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