9dp5dt and BFN 😞

Hi there

After positive stories of BFP after 9dp5dt???

This is our 2nd cycle of IVF (the first was successful and is now 18 mths). I think deep down I know I'm not pregnant as I just don't feel it BUT there are no signs of AF at all! Can the progesterone pessaries delay it? Also I tested on a whim at 5pm tonight. Secretly hoping it's too early to test and too late in the day for a reading but actually know I'm out- although totally lucky to have the boy we already have xxx

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  • Keep hope it's still early days and especially that early would be better if you use first wee of the day xx

  • Best to try again tomorrow with first morning wee. Fingers crossed for you xx

  • Keeping my fingers crossed for you!! Xx

  • Still test on your day and do it early in the morning it sometimes isn't detected at this point and in the evening x good luck x

  • Just wanted to say I am keeping everything crossed for you... I've read lots of times of negatives one day and positive the next. It may just be the levels arent high enought yet. Thinking of you xxxx

  • Aww thanks everyone but I tested this morning at 11dp5dt FMU and it's still BFN.

    I'm having a day to wallow then picking myself up. Feel so guilty my LO won't have a sibling. I guess I used up all my luck the first time round. I will spend the rest of the summer counting my blessings with the gorgeous little boy I already have.

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