I took two pregnancy tests this morning and they both came out negative

I called my dr i wanted to come to do the beta test today but he refused he said its still too early and we have to wait 2 more days

I mean if i was pregnant i would have gotten at least a faint line

I cant believe i have to continue with my progesterone and estrogen knowing that I'm not pregnant.

Its truly heartbreaking

Has any of u been through this ?

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  • Hi Layal. I can't begin to imagine how upset you are, but you must listen to your doctor and carry on with the pessaries and oestrogen, until the correct testing day. Sounds very clinical, but stick it out until you know. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Don't give up just yet it's still to early hun my friends positive didn't come up till the day before her test day xx

  • Yes unfortunately most of us have several times,once my situation went on for 2 weeks so sorry your having to go through this.

    However sometimes for the lucky ladies what was negative yesterday turned positive the next.

    Wishing you luck

  • Am so sorry to hear this, but its not over yet! Keep going you really might get a positive later xxx

  • Sorry to hear this, sending you positive vibes. X

  • Thank you lovely ladies!❤

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